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BankUnited: Empowering Financial Institutions with Secure and Agile Technology Solutions


AWS proserve & presidio partner with bank united to launch next-gen digital banking platform on aws

Bankunited Built An advanced custom analytics platform providing end-to-end functionality, by leveraging AWS and Presidio


BankUnited is a national banking association headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, with over $33 billion in total consolidated assets. The bank offers a range of traditional banking products and services to both commercial and retail customers which includes a broad portfolio of online services, treasury management tools for businesses and traditional depository and lending products.

In 2019, BankUnited initiated a multi-year digital transformation initiative with AWS, spearheaded by a Mobile and Online Banking platform redesign to Back base, a natively cloud-enabled platform. As part of their transformation, the bank was looking to leverage the various digital channels it uses to engage with its customer base in order to provide amore differentiated, customized, and optimal customer experience. The enablement and innovation capabilities of AWS empowered the Bank to consume additional cloud-based, customer-facing systems which allowed for enhanced differentiation amongst market competitors, expanded target market audience, and new revenue streams.

BankUnited partnered with AWS Professional Services and Presidio to develop a comprehensive strategic roadmap, beginning with migrating data centers to AWS using the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. With a majority of workloads in AWS, BankUnited’s priority was the operationalization of the Digital Banking Platform, Back base, utilizing DevOps best practices such as Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment(CI/CD) and modern application platforms like Kubernetes.

To serve as a foundation to critical services, BankUnited leveraged AWS and Presidio to custom build an advanced analytics platform that provides end-to-end functionality. From properly collecting and curating data in a modern enterprise data warehouse using Amazon Redshift, to building machine learning models top redict customer churn and provide rich digital marketing data, the advanced analytics platform and resulting AWS Analytics Center of Excellence have provided business value to numerous segments of the bank.

With a number of successful services running in AWS, BankUnited began leveraging Presidio’s managed services capabilities and Security and Network Operations Center (SNOC) to provide a rigorous operational framework. Across both the AWS and remaining on-premise services, BankUnited leverages Presidio for DevOps expertise and execution, where in resources organized into “pods” implement everything from maintenance to feature enhancement to thought leadership.


Multi-year digital transformation initiative, spear headed by a Mobile and Online Banking platform redesign, resulting in a natively cloud-enabled platform.