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The new workforce grew up on smartphones and instant file sharing. As employees, this generation expects the same digital experience. IT teams must provide a frictionless experience for end users anywhere, any time, on any device, while removing unnecessary manual tasks from the work day.

The World is Your Network

The world of work has fundamentally changed, but
one thing will always remain: people are your most
valuable asset.

The new workforce grew up on smartphones and instant file sharing. As employees, this generation expects the same digital experience. IT teams must provide a frictionless experience for end users anywhere, any time, on any device, while removing unnecessary manual tasks from the work day.

How do you deliver omnipresent connectivity securely? What is the right balance to strike between security and productivity? Can you automate the manual IT processes that still linger in your business, creating gaps in collaborative functionality, inefficient application delivery and the potential for data breaches?

The truth is you can’t do it all alone. The workplace is no longer the four walls of your company headquarters or branch offices. Your workforce is everywhere. That’s where Presidio comes in: we are the only digital workspace solution provider that has the skills, the people and the deep technology partnerships to meet your teams’ expectations wherever they work.

We are at the forefront of transforming your workforce with work-from-anywhere digital solutions that encompass end-user compute, collaboration, and automation all in a secure world.

“IT and the business need to think in terms of the Workforce Nucleus – it’s communication and collaboration and security and VDI for a distributed workforce that will increasingly continue to access data and applications in the cloud.”

– Raphael Meyerowitz, Engineering VP, Office of the CTO, Data Center & Digital Workspaces.

Workforce Transformation Capabilities

Everything the nimble, connected modern workforce needs.

Digital Workforce Collaboration Solutions

Transform Collaboration

Employees work on twice as many teams, both internal and external, as they did just five years ago. They are also much more likely to be physically separated from their team members. Mastering the hybrid workplace requires consistently reliable and intuitive remote collaboration and communications solutions.

We’re redefining how work gets done by designing all-in-one collaboration experiences that reliably connect teams over video, voice, chat, shared documents, email and more to reduce costs and increase productivity. However, the value derived from collaboration solutions is directly tied to use, so we ensure your team enjoys a frictionless experience with our vendor agnostic approach and adoption services.

Workforce collaboration solutions aren’t limited to internal communication. Are you providing the consistent front-line experience your customers expect? Your contact center is perhaps your brand-defining touchpoint. Make it a competitive differentiator with artificial intelligence and digital channels to give your customers the value they deserve. Presidio’s dedicated team of contact center experts help you assess your current state and build a scalable solution based on the right cloud-based technology for your customers’ needs.

Transform the Digital Workspace

Employees don’t just have a PC at their desk anymore. They carry a multitude of devices, many of which are not owned assets of the organization. The more devices that need easy access to applications, the more difficult the network is to secure and supply with a consistent experience. Employees need one login, one experience, on any device. This means a fundamental shift from on-premise to the cloud so you can holistically deliver any service to your users at any time.

We have the ear of each top vendor in the digital workspace and modern device management arena, as we are the only company that can deliver across the board, from requirements gathering and technology alignment, to design and implementation, through to ongoing managed support. When it comes to creating the digital foundation for your business and its workforce, Presidio is your partner.

Digital Workspace Transformation Solutions
Distributed Workforce Security Solutions

Secure the Distributed Workforce

The explosion of new devices connected to your network has exponentially increased the risk of sensitive data leaving the company. Identity is the new firewall, making SASE architecture and secure VDI a must for the modern workforce.

At Presidio, security is inherent in everything we do, the wrapper around all of our digital transformation solutions. Gain peace of mind knowing that a Presidio partnership means securing everything, everywhere. Our cybersecurity and managed security services help you accelerate critical priorities for your workforce, without the need to compromise. We then protect your people and data with our dedicated around-the-clock security operations center.

Process Automation

Employees are too often stuck in time-consuming repetitive tasks. Meanwhile, companies are always looking to raise productivity and efficiency, as well as employee satisfaction and retention while reducing operational cost.

We are breaking new ground with business process automation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, unchaining the workforce from manual tasks that can and should be automated. Our approach empowers tech-savvy business users to build low-code or no-code workflow automation capabilities directly within applications, removing any IT bottleneck.

Automate internal and external virtual support services, critical business analytics, process flows and more to reduce costs, remove human error and give back time to your employees to focus on strategic work.

Business Process Automation Solutions
Digital Workspace Tools


The future of work is already here. Empower your teams with the digital tools necessary to produce their best work. The modern employee expects to be able to work from anywhere, at any time – and to do so securely. Presidio is the digital systems integrator with the deepest technical expertise and strongest vendor partnerships, helping customers attract and retain top-notch talent.

Contact Center

Contact Center

Your organization’s contact center should be a triple threat: revenue driver, cost reducer, brand booster.

Deliver a consistently excellent experience for both your customers and your agents with Presidio’s dedicated team of contact center technology and strategy experts.

Why Presidio?

When it comes to trusting a partner with the people, processes and technology that power your work environment, you can’t afford a let-down.

At Presidio, we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We have been deploying, integrating and managing end-to-end workforce solutions for over 20 years – we understand how the workforce is evolving and we have in-house engineers with the highest competencies in Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, AWS, Citrix, UIPath and more at the ready.

The benefits our customers enjoy are clear:

  • Boosted productivity and business agility
  • The ability to develop and adjust security policies, and scale up network security controls to accommodate increases in traffic
  • Seamless integration of diverse technologies
  • End user adoption at all levels of technology competency

All of this done at scale and at the speed of modern business.

Managed Services

Presidio Managed Services is your digital transformation accelerant, bringing together each element of your digital strategy together as one solution and then managing it for you. Our IT-as-a-Service, end-to-end Lifecycle Service Solutions allow you to focus on your core business while empowering your employees and customers, modernizing faster, managing risk and optimizing operations.

Presidio Managed Services

Highly distributed workforces accessing company applications and networks from home, the airport or the local coffee shop have made life harder for IT staffs.

But there is a golden opportunity hidden behind the new complexity, if IT can focus less on putting out fires and more on innovation. Presidio alleviates the day-to-day pain for our customers by comprehensively managing virtual desktops, enterprise contact centers, end user support, cloud calling and all elements of the new work nucleus.

Frictionless Employee Experience

Frictionless Employee Experience

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