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Payment and Consumption
Pain-free acquisition meets long-term value.

Match Technology Spend to Business Value

Technology lifecycle and consumption strategies are as integral to your digital transformation solution as any piece of equipment, software or application.

Industry data has shown that the actual purchase price of new technology comprises less than 15% of overall lifecycle costs, while maintenance, patching and support costs escalate considerably as systems age. As much as 80% of an IT budget can go toward simply maintaining aging assets.

On top of that, the market is changing so rapidly that you’re often budgeting with only short-term strategy and at risk of locking yourself into an expensive solution that limits your ability to pivot as the business requires.

We offer complete and customizable lifecycle and consumption solutions to align with your financial plans for maximum return on your Presidio solution. We have very broad offerings and documentation to create an advantageous financial solution around your hardware and software acquisitions in one comprehensive package.

We offer complete and customizable lifecycle and consumption solutions to align with your financial plans for maximum return on your Presidio solution



Presidio provides a number of customized “as a service” offerings that we can tailor to provide our customers with a single per unit cost for any project in a single invoice, for any combination of hardware, software, maintenance, software license, professional services and managed services – whatever the manufacturer and technology requires.

Technology Rotation

We offer competitive lifecycle financing structures with flexible terms that allow you to return, extend or purchase assets at any time so that you can manage any needed changes without restrictions. We can also help with logistics so that you can focus on your core business while we take care of the rotation.

Flexible Financing

Presidio provides financing to match the expected useful life of your assets. We provide terms from one to five years and can bill in monthly, quarterly or annual frequencies that will allow you to receive the business benefits and match those to the expense cost.

Project Financing

For larger projects with an extended deployment timeframe, Presidio incorporates multiple vendors and manufacturers into a single financial solution that commences with your project. We are not just a bank, we’re a partner in the lifecycle of your project.

Rapid Deployment Program

Take advantage of a pre-approved line of credit that allows you to rapidly deploy any asset based on equipment acquisition needs now. Let Presidio manage the invoices and vendor payments, while you focus on your business.

customer challenges

Change is a constant in technology. To stay a step ahead, you must digitally transform your business continually. As technology lifecycles shrink and requirements shift rapidly, you don’t need just another reseller. Presidio is a true lifecycle partner who will get creative and work with you to customize solutions that allow you to pivot, however and whenever needed.

Let’s face it, digital transformation is complex, It’s not a destination, it’s a journey. While necessary and a cost-save over time, the initial foray into cloud or infrastructure modernization can cause budget challenges, especially in uncertain times. Presidio offers flexible financing that ties payment to consumption, making the right solutions easier to plan and budget.

Large projects involving multiple vendors and extended implementation can be difficult to manage. The process of orchestrating payments and allocating budget precisely adds even more complexity. With Presidio Project Financing, we manage all of your vendors and invoicing with flexible payment timelines so you can tie the value of the project to your budget expense.

Technology acquisition gets much of the attention within an organization, as it’s usually tied to new corporate strategies and exciting projects. However, clearing out the older existing IT inventory economically is critical to overall cost control. Depending on the age and condition of your equipment, we offer alternative financing or disposal and disposition strategies. We can also arrange for all logistics, including packing and shipping, and End-of-Life data security wipes to ensure your business is protected.

Why Presidio?

Your needs are not “one size fits all,” and neither are our solutions. We are invested in providing a financial solution that aligns with the technology solutions we deliver. How do we do this?

We Listen…We are Flexible…We Customize…We’re here for the Long Haul

Presidio has a decades long track record of architecting solutions that meet customers’ financial objectives as much as their IT infrastructure, cloud, security or digital transformation objectives. Since Presidio Technology Capital is not tied to a bank or any manufacturer; you can be confident that we will always secure the best solution for your needs.

Presidio can credibly deliver end-to-end IT and business solutions.

learn more about how we help customers navigate the cash to cloud continuum with a varied portfolio of alternative acquisition solutions.

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