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06 Apr: Packed Policy for Identity Federation

Federated Identity is a process of establishing trust between sources for authenticating users and distributing information needed to authorize access to resources. Single Sign-on is a subset of the federation identity which allows the user to authorize and access data using a centralized domain.

IT Solutions Professional Working from Home
24 Mar: Not a Hot-take: Technology and Business are Now Equal Partners

Not to state the obvious, all of us have been affected by COVID and the globally-instituted quarantine mandates. It wasn’t just business professionals who had to adjust to Work-From-Home. Students and teachers now had to interact virtually, retired citizens now had to access essential needs differently, and friends and family now had to socialize in a completely new way.

TheDigitalBuild_Custom CloudFormation in AWS
17 Mar: Custom CloudFormation in AWS

CloudFormation is one of the important services in AWS, as it helps us to maintain Infrastructure as a Code (IAAC). Still, there are some services that are not supported by CloudFormation, for example, ‘Cloud Search’ is a service which do not support CloudFormation natively, and to have CloudFormation for these kinds of services we can adopt the Custom CloudFormation approach

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