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Rob Kim Blog Part 3
29 Jul: Top 5 IT Themes for 2022 in a Post-COVID World: Part Three

It is generally agreed that workloads are what determine the resourcing options. Anytime we typically hear about the “repatriation of workloads” from the cloud back to on-premise deployments, it is typically a consequence of not properly rationalizing the best migration option for said workload. And as expected, the workloads that migrate first and remained in the cloud were those around re-factoring/re-engineering of applications, or re-purchasing through SaaS delivery options.

Rob Kim Blog 2022 Post Covid Part 2
27 Jul: Top 5 IT Themes for 2022 in a Post COVID World: Part Two

In part 1 of this blog, we focused on client survey research and industry analysis to explore the changing technology approaches to IT modernization. Traditional IT approaches are too complicated, require too much upfront information, take too long to design and deploy. They also lack intuitiveness, requiring a learning curve for the end-user to adopt and become proficient. Consumerism stresses traditional IT approaches.There is a reason why new technology approaches bear names like LEAN, Agile, Kanban, sprints, and the like – it’s about SPEED.

Cloud Calling
13 Jul: Take Your Calling and Collaboration to the Cloud—Without the Pitfalls

Many companies are migrating to the cloud, but they have to navigate various complexities and avoid a few “gotchas” along the way. The “work from anywhere” trend accelerated by the pandemic last year has become the new norm for many businesses, and it’s leading to an explosion of cloud adoption. Analysts estimate that 90% of enterprise customers are looking to the cloud for calling and other unified communications (UC) infrastructure. There are undeniable benefits of migrating calling and collaboration to the cloud, but you’re missing out if you’re not integrating these solutions and other business apps. Consider the following example: A collaboration team works in the same document via a file-sharing application, and they want to update other contributors. The app sends notices via email and connects with calling, messaging and meeting apps from three vendors. Each contributor is forced into an endless cycle of context switching between three or more applications while actively collaborating on the project. Sadly, this is the norm for many companies.

Azure VMware Solution
30 Jun: Getting the Most Out of Your VMware Workloads in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

In any industry the availability to scale to meet demand is paramount. Having a technology infrastructure in place to do so could be the difference between success and failure. Cloud services are designed to fulfill this exact need. However, organizations that make this realization and shift their resources face many questions: what type of cloud best matches our needs? How do we know which services we need? Should we choose on-premises, public, or a hybrid cloud? Finding answers – or even knowing if you’re asking the right questions – can seem daunting.

Enterprise Edge Blog Image
15 Jun: Simplifying the Extended Enterprise with Presidio’s Enterprise Edge Solutions

For more than 20 years, Presidio has been an influential force in solving challenging problems with simplified solutions across the Enterprise and beyond. Presidio’s focus is on transforming where and how our clients work, modernizing their infrastructure to prepare them for future scale. We help ensure that they have adopted the right cloud strategy, securing everything from the edge devices that sit on the perimeter, across multiple connectivity methods and large data lakes, and through the cloud.

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