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11 Nov: Why Resource Tagging Is Important in AWS Cloud?

Have you ever been worried about organizing and effective management of your 1000s of AWS resources? Have you ever been surprised with higher AWS bills with no detail of underlying services? Then AWS Tags is your friend, it can help you by assigning your custom metadata and enables you to categorize your AWS resources by filtering your metadata. It can help you in the identification of resources, budget planning and several more. This article is based on our collective experience with various clients and briefly talks about some of the best practices for AWS Tagging, strategies, and tools for effective governance.

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09 Nov: Why Data is Critical to ‘Transform to Digital’

The worst kept secret in the business world is the rapid disruption of traditional workplace and workforce norms, accelerated of course by the ongoing pandemic. There is no shortage of blog posts and think pieces written that compel organizations to digitally transform their business and operations to keep pace. Yes, technology is emerging as a true business partner, as executives across sales, finance, marketing, and other departments lean on their IT counterparts to innovate. Most organizations are even embracing a software engineering mindset, as containers and low-code options are democratizing the development space.

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03 Nov: Pivoting Cybersecurity: Going on the Offensive

It has been about 5 years since WannaCry and NotPetya hit companies worldwide in full force, launching a new era of cybercrime. Now, there’s a new report of a ransomware attack weekly. Although this may seem scary, we know more now than we ever have. With each attack, we can see and ultimately learn from which vulnerabilities were exploited. We cannot prevent the inevitable, but we can prepare and minimize the effects. There is a famous quote by author Zig Zigler “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” While a ransomware attack is not an opportunity to look forward to, it is important to be prepared. 

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29 Oct: 5 Tips to Avoid Toil & Trouble on Your IT Automation Journey

Accuracy in business processes has always been important, but it used to require tedious, error-prone manual processes to achieve. Today, accuracy and automation go hand-in-hand. For an easily recognizable example, just look at how modern retail stores manage their inventory. If stock runs low on certain items, the store will automatically kick off a stock replenishment process requesting that it be replaced.

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26 Oct: It’s Time to Reevaluate Your Siloed Security Strategy

By converging physical and cyber security, organizations gain deeper business insights and better protection against sophisticated threats. The practice of segmenting security teams into distinct physical security and cybersecurity groups has been the norm since the early days of IT. Within the last decade, however, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, advances in cloud technologies and the digital transformation trend have led to a greater awareness between the cyber world and real world.

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22 Oct: Unpacking the CIS 20 (Now the 18)

CIS Controls v8 is here, and there are some significant changes organizations should pay attention to. We spend a lot of time in our blogs talking about—and recommending—cybersecurity frameworks. The reason for this is pretty straightforward: there are a lot of decisions that go into cybersecurity planning, and failing to use a framework makes the process exponentially more complicated.

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