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01 Jun: Building a Browser-based Terminal using Docker and XtermJS

We usually use SSH to access the terminals on servers and containers. However, this often requires installing SSH servers within the containers and using additional tools like Putty to connect to the terminal via SSH.

But what if we could make things easier by bypassing the need for additional tools?

Person on phone in server room with caption "the digital build"
06 Jun: Database Migration with Schema Conversion in AWS

Before cloud computing, all organizations managed Database Management Systems (DBMS) using on-premises hardware devices, which were costly and difficult to maintain. With the introduction of Cloud Computing, it is now a breeze to manage and operate DBMS systems.

The Digital Build image, woman pointing to computer.
11 May: EMR YARN Node Labels — For effective driver and executor placement

Our experts are thinkers AND doers focused on accelerating business outcomes. To showcase our deep expertise, we created a blog series called “The Digital Build. Node label is a way to group nodes with similar characteristics and spark jobs can be specified where to run. With node labeling, we can achieve partition on the cluster, and by default, nodes belong to the DEFAULT partition.

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