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Retain and expand your client portfolio with tailored financial services solutions.



Banking and financial institutions embraced digital innovation at a record pace. Whether organic or through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the focus is on reaching new geographies and new customers with new offerings.

But growth alone is not enough. You must retain your current customers and give them a good reason to expand their portfolio with you. Competition is fierce and the winners will be those that deliver the most convenient, intuitive and secure digital experiences. In today’s environment, a poorly performing trading or banking application will spread like wildfire on social media and customers will gravitate toward competitors if they offer a better online experience.

New! The 2022 Cloud
Transformation Benchmark
Report: Financial Services Spotlight

The 2022 Cloud Transformation Benchmark Report: Financial Services Spotlight

At Presidio, we provide technology and solutions that empower financial services organizations to retain and expand customer portfolios, while attracting new clients with unmatched user experiences.

Core Capabilities

Innovate faster, build new revenue streams and boost customer experience without the cost and risk of dated systems.

Transform to digital with Presidio and get cloud right
Redefine Work with Presidio and Get Your Workforce Transformed
Secure Everything with Presidio and Get serious about Cybersecurity


Securely delivered to help architect, execute and maintain IT solutions via a flexible consumption model that financially works best for you.


Securely delivered to help architect, execute and maintain IT solutions via a flexible consumption model that financially works best for you.


Presidio offers an expansive portfolio of flexible solutions, tailored to customer- and employee-centric experiences for financial services companies. We bring industry-leading expertise and experience to optimize your infrastructure.


Your customers trust you to protect their financial information. Rewarding that trust with an impermeable infrastructure and application layer while also delivering the speed, uptime and functionality customers demand can be a major challenge. We pride ourselves on our reputation for cultivating digital trust for our clients. Cybersecurity is intrinsic in every solution we develop, at each step of the way. We provide identity management, regulatory compliance and managed detection and response for your entire cyber environment – cloud, hybrid or on-premises.

Infrastructure Modernization

Say you’re a large bank looking to grow through merger and acquisition. Is your IT infrastructure ready to scale to handle the incoming data and network load of hundreds of new branches and thousands of new employees overnight? Are you confident that you can functionally integrate with your newly acquired company’s systems, while building a roadmap to a future corporate standard? How secure will this combination of IT stacks be?

Presidio has years of experience guiding banks through M&A hurdles by designing systems that are flexible, secure and easily expandable. We make sure your enterprise network is able to scale to integrate new branches and your data center scales to handle the increased workload. Accelerate time-to-value post-acquisition by automating tasks that used to be manual, so you can take advantage of templates rather than redeveloping the wheel with each M&A motion.


Financial institutions is evolving at lightning speed. Legacy applications running in data centers you own quickly become costly, obsolete and lack the performance your customers expect. Rather than risking customer defection at the hand of lagging user experience, re-platform your business-critical applications to maintain a competitive edge.

Presidio brings a tried-and-true methodology to cloud migration and cloud-native application development. We gain a full understanding of your legacy applications and business requirements, present recommendations on how they can be re-platformed and then deploy them at consumer speed. We understand that your online banking application can’t afford downtime or a buggy experience. Our services experts help you get cloud right, which means the right applications on the right cloud at the right time. Further, our continuous delivery model allows you to be agile when a pivot needs to be made or a new feature developed.

Workforce Transformation

An increasingly virtual workforce requires technology that drives exceptional collaboration with co-workers and digital interaction with customers. You need to extend secure, reliable services to a growing number of digital touchpoints at all hours of the day and disparate geographic locations.

Meet your customers and employees wherever they are with Presidio’s leading mobility, collaboration, AI-powered virtual support agents and contact center solutions. Our dedicated team of contact center experts protect your brand and make your customer support agents’ job easier, reducing costs and increasing revenue opportunities.


Sales and Engineering Teams in action at our annual Exchange sales conference.

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