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Scaling digital trust and confidence
while securing your critical digital assets
isn’t just something we can do, it’s
intrinsic in what we do.

Cybersecurity is no longer a siloed or niche internal department; everyone in your organization plays a role in security. That means everything you do must take security into consideration.

Defense or Offense? Change the Game – Do Both with Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is no longer a siloed or niche internal department; everyone in your organization plays a role in security. That means everything you do must take security into consideration.

That doesn’t mean every department in your organization should take matters into their own hands. Point security solutions purchased by siloed teams within an organization tend to be redundant or don’t work well together. Often the more investment in security solutions you make, the less secure you are. This cyber paradox often paralyzes digital transformation projects.

Presidio brings clarity to the noise and builds trust in digital interactions across your entire IT stack, empowering you to think bigger and act faster. We don’t just offer peace of mind, but the confidence to focus your efforts on driving innovation.

Security should be a means to more quickly enable more employees, more partners, more suppliers, to work more productively, and to do it all more securely. We built our entire cybersecurity approach around this principle, so our customers can thrive at scale.

Presidio workplace transformation changes the game when it comes to Cybersecurity
Presidio cybersecurity and managed security services are structured to control spend, and maintain critical priorities across the business,.

Make Cyber Truly Portable, Not a Destination

Your company’s headquarters used to be a fortified castle, but now the walls are gone. How do you protect your people and treasure across an expanding digital frontier? It’s a daunting task without the right partner.

Whether Presidio is consulting on digital transformation journeys or moving workloads into the cloud, assessing and identifying risk are always front and center. Our cybersecurity services and managed security services are structured to not only control spend, but also to maintain critical priorities across the business, without the need to compromise. In addition to these business-critical services we protect your people and information with our dedicated around-the-clock security operations center. With Presidio Cybersecurity the question becomes, “Who needs walls anymore?’


Make cybersecurity your innovation accelerator, rather than a blocker or afterthought, with Presidio’s end-to-end solutions.

Risk & Compliance

The explosion of borderless digital interactions continues unabated, creating new risks that hamstring projects and tie up the office of the CISO and other valuable resources in the organization. Remote work and the expansion of cloud puts a premium on securing these interactions in a shared IT responsibility model. In addition to these new challenges, IT departments now struggle to respond to rapidly evolving regulatory changes to become compliant.

Presidio Cyber Services include a full suite of advisory and implementation services to help mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and develop and maintain a strong cybersecurity policy framework.

Digital Trust

Your reputation is everything. The fastest way to lose trust with your stakeholders is to suffer a breach. Give your customers, suppliers, and shareholders the confidence that data and transactions are secure and protected. Give yourself the confidence to set and reach new goals.

We protect your reputation like it’s our own, because it is.

Security Operations

Every CISO dreads that 3 a.m. phone call. Our customers rest easier knowing that their business-critical services are supported by Presidio’s dedicated around-the-clock security operations center and our teams of expert threat analysts.

We go beyond monitoring and alerts with the industry’s most comprehensive managed detection and response service (MDR), which automatically detects and mitigates threats before they become emergencies.

Presidio Security Assessment measures your security maturity.

Presidio Security Assessment

Driven by the industry standard NIST Framework methodology, our Assessment measures your security maturity and gathers stakeholders from every IT discipline to illustrate a 360-degree actionable view of your cybersecurity landscape.

Unrivaled Service

Cybersecurity can be uphill battle and a slippery slope. Modern transformation efforts require a Sherpa. Many Cyber providers lack expertise in the full IT stack, while system integrators lack true Cybersecurity knowledge and born-in-the-cloud providers lack abilities in both.

Presidio is the only partner that covers it all and can guide you from base to summit.

Managed Services

Presidio Managed Services is your digital transformation accelerant, bringing together each element of your digital strategy together as one solution and then managing it for you. Our IT-as-a-Service, end-to-end Lifecycle Service Solutions allow you to focus on your core business while empowering your employees and customers, modernizing faster, managing risk and optimizing operations.

Cybersecurity is getting more complex every day.

IT executives wake up in cold sweats after reading about the latest ransomware attack or customer data breach in the news. We go beyond mitigating risk – we anticipate threats and provide 24/7 support of your environment from our SOC 2 certified data centers. Presidio Managed Services helps you sleep soundly thanks to:

  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Incident Response
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Security Device Management

Why Presidio?

Our hundreds of certified engineers and expert consultants lean on decades of experience to bring a sense of calm to an unsettled and constantly evolving cyber landscape.

Our people earn our customers’ confidence through:

  • Differentiated Cybersecurity Services
  • Forward-thinking and adaptable Managed Security Services
  • Appropriately positioned and well-aligned OEM Security Solutions
  • Unrivaled expert knowledge of your complete environment

We believe no two businesses are the same​. Your business is important and unique. Security frameworks are simply starting points, not solutions. Understanding “what makes you, you, makes us, us.”

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Baseline Cybersecurity Jumpstart Program
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Cloud Security Assessment Package Solution Brief
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Proactive Incident Response Jumpstart Package
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Solution Brief Presidio Cloud Security Configuration Assessment
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Solution Brief Presidio Cloud Security Architecture Assessment
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HIPAA Compliance Services
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PCI DSS Compliance Services
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Purple Team Assessment



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