Global Procurement And Logistics Management

Remove the friction from global commerce.

Removing Complexity from Global Trade

Running a global business is complex. The added challenge of global IT procurement decisions, end-to-end logistics and global trade compliance is more than a distraction, it’s the source of billions of dollar of preventable revenue loss each year.

What if you could offload that headache and sharpen your focus on doing what you do well for your customers? What if you could confidently drive all that complexity out of the global supply chain while maintaining the highest corporate and compliance standards? Imagine the cost savings, risk reduction, efficiency and productivity gains that could be achieved.

Presidio can provide you with a seamless, flexible answer to the intricacies of global IT procurement. We make it easy for you to do business anywhere in the world with a transparent and simplified supply chain lifecycle process. Our dedicated team of global commerce and logistics professionals have already laid the groundwork for our customers to succeed in over 160 countries.

Procurement and Logistics Management
Global Procurement and Logistics Management

Global Logistics and Supply

Modern logistics is more than shipping products across geographic boundaries. In a world that’s becoming more globalized and richer in complexity, you need a single world-class supplier that can solve all your supply chain roadblocks.

This means knowing where and how to source the most innovative IT products to design and implement corporate-wide digital transformation solutions. It means not only thoroughly understanding current business challenges and the role that IT can play in addressing these challenges but also the unique laws, taxes and customs procedures of shipping that equipment into countries all over the world.

Presidio helps global organizations address logistics, supply and services issues by providing detailed, structured country-specific solutions with visibility, control and advice through each step of the process. We have unparalleled logistics and services models tailored for nearly every country in the world, including expertise in developing markets. We bring the full global supply chain to you and own the solution from a single point of contact.

Presidio’s global expertise

  • Import & Export
  • Customs, VAT & Global Trade Compliance
  • Customs Brokerage & Trade Agent Services
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Supply Chain Lifecycle Visibility
  • Predictive Lead Times
  • Single Point of Contact
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The breakneck pace of digital business demands an uncompromising IT procurement strategy, from the data center to the desktop. A successful digital procurement strategy requires an end-to-end service designed for today’s fast-paced, multi-location needs.

This is why Presidio recently acquired Arkphire, a Dublin-based leader in global end-user desktop procurement, rounding out our ability to offer full-service lifecycle and procurement capabilities anywhere in the world.

The combination of Presidio and Arkphire means frictionless, fast and complete IT procurement services for our customers. We orchestrate and optimize the IT procurement process from specification, demand planning and sourcing, to configuration, auto-replenishment and post-sales support. By partnering with us, global organizations reap the rewards of world-class technology without the buying headache.

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Expanding globally?
For all your global IT procurement needs, get in touch with our experts at Presidio.

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