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Presidio understands that DevOps is more than simply sum of its parts – the combination of development and operations skills – rather it is the intersection of process, principles and technology which helps IT deliver and manage business solutions end-to-end.


Presidio understands that DevOps is more than simply sum of its parts – the combination of development and operations skills – rather it is the intersection of process, principles and technology which helps IT deliver and manage business solutions end-to-end.

DevOps and Automation solutions by Presidio

Organizations in every industry, of all shapes and sizes, are somewhere along their DevOps journey. From early investigation to adoption and roll-out, technology groups are looking to DevOps as an accelerator to achieve the goals of their organization. Presidio is here to help, from stepwise adoption of processes and standards like Agile, to technology implementations such as Jenkins for continuous integration / delivery, to platform deployments like Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, to embracing cloud provider services such as AWS’s native platform and compute services. We help our clients embrace automation tools and DevOps practices to deliver better enterprise outcomes at consumer speeds.

At Presidio, we have recognized the automation technologies which enable site reliability engineering, infrastructure and configuration as code, CI/CD and DevOps have a great deal of overlap. As such, we have intentionally built a uniquely talented and diverse group of practitioners with deep knowledge and experience in the tools and disciplines in this transformative space, to bring customer solutions to market.


Docker Containers & Kubernetes

Systems Automation & Orchestration

Infrastructure-as-Code / Configuration-as-Code


Improve supportability and usage of DevOps technologies

Support the solutions we deliver


System Lifecycle Automation Strategy

DevOps Adoption & Strategy Containers

Adoption & Strategy

Our service offerings range from management and strategic consulting, to technology implementation, and through to enhancement / integration / support of the solutions we deliver. What makes us different is that we build solutions which we will support and live with, beyond the implementation phase of the project. This drives us to deliver a product or outcome which is responsible, supportable and sustainable.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Developers practicing continuous integration merge their changes back to the main branch as often as possible. The developer’s changes are validated by creating a build and running automated tests against the build.

Continuous delivery is an extension of continuous integration to make sure that you can release new changes to your customers quickly in a sustainable way. This means that on top of having automated your testing, you also have automated your release process and you can deploy your application at any point of time by clicking on a button.

Continuous deployment goes one step further than continuous delivery. With this practice, every change that passes all stages of your production pipeline is released to your customers. There’s no human intervention, and only a failed test will prevent a new change to be deployed to production.


Presidio will help you pick the platform container suited to your customer journey.


As a technology, containerized computing is a critical one to understand. When leveraged to its potential containers provide isolation, portability and flexibility which have been the underpinnings of market disrupting technology for years. Presidio has helped dozens of organizations build transformative solutions on top of this critical technology and would love to help do the same for you.

With Docker, Kubernetes, Mezosphere, CloudFoundry and others in the marketplace there is no shortage of choice. Presidio helps clients compare the platform capabilities to their individual needs and bring their business and technology into alignment. Every customer journey is unique, so our experts meet you where you are in your understanding and adoption of containers. So, if a discovery workshop is your next step, or deploying a feature-rich next-gen application platform, we are ready to help you unlock your organization’s potential.


The secret sauce of DevOps is a change in culture. To be successful your teams will need to change the way they work. At Presidio we understand that this cultural transformation requires buy-in from the management level.

From the top down, it must be understood that each app or product we’re building together has a customer, a consumer and is serving various personas. The same empathy you need for the customer when writing that app is the empathy Dev and Ops need to have for one another.

Presidio is first and foremost a consultancy, which means, by proxy, our customers’ concerns are our concerns. We’ve been in the trenches of software engineering transformations and made it through the other side with best practices, tool expertise and proven processes to lighten the technology implemention load. We will show you how to connect these traditionally siloed teams in order to develop and deploy software that meets business requirements continually throughout the lifecycle.

Presidio provides management consulting services to help enact your cultural transformation
infrastructure as code showing full-stack capabilities DevOps, Automation, Data and Cloud Native principles.


More than a buzzword, IaC is the software engine that makes DevOps possible. As your culture changes to remove the silos between developers and operations, your approach to infrastructure provisioning must transform too. Presidio helps customers to adopt the same discipline toward infrastructure as they have toward applications, by treating both as code.

IaC is an automated provisioning process that allows our customers to build, destroy, expand or shrink their infrastructure with little to no human interaction. Whether that infrastructure is on-prem, virtual or residing in a cloud environment including Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, you can now manage it as software. This means it can be reliably tested, proven and safely repeated, even within highly regulated industries.

Presidio is the premier partner for IaC projects thanks to our expertise in operational infrastructure, continuous integration, continuous delivery, DevOps processes and the latest application development solutions. We’ll help you realize the benefits of IaC and DevOps: speed, reliability, collaboration, open source tool adoption and reallocation of manpower.

Continuous Innovation Solutions (CIS)

Skill up with ease and take projects on-demand

Why Presidio?

Presidio is here to guide your digital journey and help you navigate the fast-changing tech landscape. As the bridge between where you’ve been (foundational IT) and where you’re going (ultra-modern AI and cloud services), we measure success in your terms. We strive to build lifetime relationships with those that give us their business, and we do so by being fearless, fast, flexible, and compassionate. It’s our mission to earn your trust and deliver innovative, high-quality results at the speed your business needs to succeed.

DevOps is not a flip of a switch. It’s also not a destination. It’s a fundamental change in culture that brings together groups that normally wouldn’t (happily) mix. That’s the thing about engaging Presidio – we’ve mastered DevOps internally and we’d love to share the secret sauce with you. We empower the teams with the tools to take on a new, more efficient, and plain better, way of writing applications that serve your business.


Presidio’s trusted partners bring optimal technology, relationships and know-how to Cloud transformations. We work in harmony for client success.



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