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Episode 3: Doing More w/ Less: How Meraki Makes it Easy

Organizations everywhere are tasked with doing more with less. More scalability in less time. More connectivity with less proximity. More insights with fewer data.

Trying to meet all of these needs without creating a hyper-complex IT monster is next to impossible. Or, is it?

In today’s episode of The Digital Decode, Vice President, Office of the CTO, Raphael Meyerowitz, chats with Presidio Engineering Director, Sam Clements, explains how Meraki’s simplicity inspires organizations to reach higher. Plus, he talks about…

  • Why some of the largest retailers in the world use Meraki
  • Ways Meraki improves connections to SaaS applications
  • What zero-touch deployment really means
  • How Meraki’s API serves homegrown apps

Check out Sam’s blog at

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