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Companies are reinventing themselves in the era of digital transformation. IT infrastructure and culture are pivoting to become more nimble, agile, scalable, responsive, and to deliver quicker and faster. Learn how our DevOps practice and services are helping enterprises embrace digital transformation, innovation, and efficiency.


In the age of digital transformation enterprises are making a fundamental shift in how they build, test, and deploy their infrastructure and applications. The movement towards auto-scaling environments, virtualization, server-less infrastructure, and other technologies allows companies to leverage technology trends, drive organizational change and deliver value in an agile and efficient way to gain a competitive advantage. They must use IT talent and tools to its maximum potential in response to the DevOps phenomenon. The challenge for enterprises is how to keep pace with customer’s demands in services, manage efficient and automated delivery of infrastructure and applications, and executing more with less personnel.


Presidio’s AWS DevOps practice was built to help enterprises modernize their infrastructure and applications to drive value to its customers and increase productivity internally and externally. Presidio educates organizations in the philosophies and best practices of DevOps shifting technology, changing culture and process, and facilitating the support of infrastructure and applications. Our DevOps practice allows our customers to streamline personnel, speed development, increase agility, and accelerate application releases and updates. A DevOps practice is as much a cultural shift as it is a technology and solution change. Presidio addresses both challenges. We introduce new technologies to achieve the goals of the company while working with internal teams to communicate, deliver, execute. We work with our clients to drive automation and solution sets to bring value to the enterprise. We also work with the personnel to identify the right solutions and tools for the team.

Not all solutions are right for every group. Not all solutions are right for every customer. Our vast expertise with DevOps tooling and best practices allows our customers to bring the experts inside. We focus on designing the infrastructure to automate all steps of the development lifecycle from inception, development of code, testing, quality assurance, staging and production. This reduces deployment cycles and increases the value driven to customers and end users. Our partnership and deep expertise with AWS technologies allows us to help customers adopt cloud and accelerate their business outcomes. Presidio helps customers and clients open and operate their own continuous integration and delivery pipelines to release infrastructure and applications rapidly, efficiently, and reliably. Whether it is leveraging AWS native technologies such as CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, or Github, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, or Chef – Presidio is here to help.