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Presidio and F5: Secure Apps and APIs in the Cloud and AI Era


The cloud can be complicated. That doesn’t stop businesses from implementing digital transformation initiatives to better build, deliver, and scale applications. However, organizations often find themselves stuck mid-transformation, supporting multiple cloud environments as costs rise and in-house expertise dwindles. Successful transformation requires a fresh approach. One that seamlessly connects cloud and hybrid environments. One that centralizes control and enhances protection. One that standardizes security for new and existing apps, growing API layers, and AI-enabled services.

Current Cloud Challenges

Modern businesses are all-in on private and public clouds. Yet, despite cloud spending projected to consume over half of IT budgets by 20251, almost a third of it is wasted. This is due to the disconnected and fragmented nature of investments. Today’s organizations find applications, running across data centers, multiple clouds, and the edge, all connected by an expanding network of APIs—without centralized management, governance, or control in place. Furthermore, as AI delivers new levels of innovation and possibilities, application ecosystems are rapidly evolving introducing new failure points and pathways for attackers.

Overcoming these challenges requires businesses to evolve from a “cloud-first” mindset to one that is hybrid, comprehensive, and more intentional. To succeed, IT leaders need “ground to cloud” solutions that favor consolidation and the protection, management, and security across all environments—from a single source. By leveraging a centralized and unified approach, organizations can break existing constraints and silos to achieve standardized oversight, reduced costs, and modernized security for applications, growing API layers, and AI-powered services.

A Single Solution for Your Hybrid Cloud World

Presidio and F5 Distributed Cloud Services meet the moment so technology teams can realize the ROI they expect from the cloud. Our end-to-end solutions are tailor-made to help businesses maximize their cloud investments, unstick digital transformation initiatives, and promote the secure implementation of AI and APIs. From a single, SaaS-based platform, we simplify security to ensure every app and interface is protected, available, and performing at its best. From core to cloud to edge, our streamlined approach modernizes management so you can achieve faster time-to-value, better risk management, and future-proof operations in today’s fast-paced digital era. Here’s how:

  • Protect apps: Consistently and efficiently defend apps from advanced threats, including OWASP’s Top 10, zero-day, and bad bots. Shield critical infrastructure and multi-cloud app environments from broadscale DDoS attacks and sophisticated, AI-powered threats.
  • Safeguard APIs: Identify and protect unknown, unmanaged, or exposed interfaces. Configure and standardize security protocols, policies, and configurations to minimize pre-production risks, secure third-party interfaces, and enable safe AI adoption.
  • Drive availability and performance: Improve uptime and availability while recovering faster from disruption or attack. Deploy resilient, performant, and available apps with the proper underlying infrastructure, security, and networking services.
  • Optimize cloud costs: Enable tool rationalization, minimize costs, and reduce complexity. Centralize and simplify management across data centers, clouds, and the edge to eliminate the reliance on disparate tooling and accelerate user adoption with AI-powered insights and assistance.

Ready to reduce the complexity and cost of a hybrid world? Simplify and accelerate any cloud strategy with unified application and API protection from Presidio and F5.


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Corey Marshall, Director and Sr. Security Architect at F5

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Director, Cloud and Application Security at Presidio

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