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Diversity Month: Celebrating Difference and Building Community at Presidio

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At Presidio, we offer our employees spaces to celebrate their unique identities, backgrounds, cultures and more in our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Within these spaces, employees build community and belonging with their peers, promote inclusion across the company, and assist Presidio in our efforts to recruit and retain a global, diverse workforce.

April is ‘Celebrate Diversity’ Month, a time to recognize and honor the many backgrounds and perspectives within the Presidio community. To honor diversity month, Elizabeth Borges, DEI & Culture VP at Presidio, sat down with three of our ERG leaders to dive into how our ERGs celebrate diversity and foster inclusion at Presidio.


Angela Page – PRIDE

David Glass – Mental Health Matters








Michelle Marshall – UJIMA 


What ERG do you help lead? What motivated you to get involved with this ERG? 


As the inaugural Co-Lead of PRIDE, stepping into this role was not a decision I made lightly. I had only shared my transition journey with a few colleagues and leaders, so the idea of exposing myself to the entire company filled me with undeniable trepidation. The thought alone was daunting.

However, it was the faces of my team, particularly one young member who saw me as a mentor and role model, that swayed my decision. She was brimming with potential, ready to soar within Presidio, and I felt a deep responsibility to show her that the sky’s the limit—that there are no ceilings too high for her, or anyone, in this company and industry. This decision, born from a commitment to represent and inspire, was one I embraced fully, despite the personal challenges it invited.


I help lead Mental Health Matters (MHM). I was motivated to get involved to support others along their mental health journey. It’s important to me that people know that seeking mental health help is no different than seeking help for physical ailments.


I lead UJIMA, which supports the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community at Presidio. I was inspired to get involved because of the energy and dedication of the inaugural co-leads. I love the idea of ERGs and the sense of community they foster. I’ve been working remotely since the pandemic and the ERGs have given me another way to get to know people. I like the get-togethers, the sharing of information, the celebrating of each other, whether that be through Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, Black History Month or other months where we celebrate culture.


What has been the most meaningful ERG event or initiative that you’ve participated in?


I couldn’t pick just one.  Every event is another opportunity to connect with someone and to tell them, “You’re safe,” “We’re here for you,” “You’re not alone,” and, “We appreciate you for who you are.”  I find this is most important when I have people approaching me looking for acceptance. Maybe they are not quite ready to come out, not quite ready to be vulnerable and yet they are desperately seeking guidance and acceptance.  Being a safe person for people to confide in is what I value the most about being involved in PRIDE.


I have two. In terms of MHM, I send out “bite-sized” emails every month highlighting some of the mental health benefits that we have at Presidio (like the Calm app and our Employee Assistance Program). This is rewarding because I have had multiple people express their thanks and say how helpful they were to them.

Outside of my own ERG, my favorite ERG event was the virtual walking tour from UJIMA in honor of Black History Month! It was really engaging and interesting.


I have a few favorites, including a Kahoot trivia game during Black History Month hosted by my fellow co-lead Stephy. She came up with a bunch of great questions about Black history to help educate the group.

I also thought the virtual walking tour during Black History Month was amazing, as it was interactive and educational. The tour focused specifically on Black history and took us to various locations in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. It revealed hidden gems of Black history, making it very memorable.

How do ERGs contribute to fostering a more inclusive culture at Presidio?


ERGs play a vital role in cultivating a more inclusive culture at Presidio by serving as a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect, collaborate, and support one another. Through these groups, individuals can share their experiences, perspectives, and insights, contributing to a richer understanding of diversity within the organization. Ultimately, ERGs help create a workplace environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.


ERGs allow for the collective sharing of ideas. The more we learn, the better we all are.


I believe a company’s workforce should mirror its diverse customer base, so I encourage interactions with diverse groups to expand perspectives and foster understanding. ERGs play a crucial role in this by promoting cultural exchange and learning.

April is Celebrate Diversity Month. Why do you think it’s important for Presidio as an organization to “celebrate diversity”?


A few years back, Presidio hosted a guest speaker at our sales kickoff event who delved into the subject of vulnerability among individuals from diverse backgrounds. The speaker highlighted how such vulnerabilities—stemming from one’s ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity—can be leveraged as a catalyst for growth rather than serve as a barrier. As a leader at Presidio, I strongly believe that embracing different perspectives nurtures a culture ripe for innovation and the genesis of ideas.

Championing diversity is not just crucial for the enrichment of our team but is also imperative for Presidio to maintain its competitive edge in a global business landscape.


Every person’s lived experience is different from our own. Understanding that these differences exist allows us to be more understanding, better communicators, and overall better people.


Presidio is a diverse, global company, and celebrating diversity enriches our company culture. Exposure to different cultures and perspectives enhances creativity and innovation. I’m grateful for the support of the executive team in promoting diversity initiatives.

Elizabeth Borges

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