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Next-gen Intel® Technology Accelerates Dell EMC VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes Solutions

Not every workload belongs in the cloud. Presidio can help IT organizations deploy a simpler, on-prem data center solution with a pair of Dell EMC product offerings: VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes. Both are part of the latest hyperconverged infrastructure from Dell EMC featuring the new 2nd gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform and Intel® Optane™ DC SSDs.

by Mark Vaughn, Senior Director, Integrated Solutions, Presidio, Tuesday, 9 Jul 2019
Next-gen Intel® Technology Accelerates Dell EMC VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes Solutions
Next-gen Intel® Technology Accelerates Dell EMC VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes Solutions

Presidio, Dell EMC and VMware simplify the data center with a next-gen boost from Intel

Smaller, simpler, faster, more secure: these are the imperatives that are driving the evolution of the modern data center. Presidio and technology partner Intel have heard the call and are answering with new technologies for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

At a formal launch event last spring, Intel unveiled its 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, re-engineered with advanced features to accelerate data center modernization. In June, Presidio began incorporating Intel’s new scalable processor into two of its Dell EMC HCI product offerings, both powered by the Dell EMC PowerEdge server platform:

  • Dell EMC VxRail – a fully integrated, pre-configured system that simplifies VMware cloud adoption and transforms HCI networking out of the box.
  • Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes – pre-configured, validated building blocks to improve storage efficiency, easily scalable as needed. VxRail is a turnkey product, whereas vSAN Ready Nodes comes with “some assembly required,” providing software only for a build-your-own environment.

In addition to the 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor, Presidio is also incorporating Intel® Optane™ DC SSDs into VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes system offerings. These new Intel® technologies for the data center will help customers realize significant performance gains, increase cost-efficiency, and ease their path to IT modernization.

Two paths to hyperconvergence: VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes

For those unfamiliar, hyperconvergence integrates compute, storage, networking, virtualization and other resources in a single, scalable device. With hyperconvergence, customers can dramatically increase data center efficiencies, shrink their physical footprint, and significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

In the case of these two Dell EMC solutions, you have a choice of which option is right for you, depending on your technical capabilities and data center requirements. For instance, if you need a ready-made solution, VxRail can extend your VMware environment, simplify cloud adoption and support highly demanding workloads and applications. VxRail is typically configured as a group of at least two or three servers, with automation and orchestration software from VMware built in. Or, if you’re comfortable taking more of a D.I.Y. approach, vSAN Ready Nodes consist of validated hardware and contain everything needed to build your own vSAN environment, including CPU, memory, network I/O controllers, and storage drives. vSAN Ready Nodes can be easily deployed with factory-installed, pre-tested configurations for rapid scaling.

Two new Intel technologies transform the data center

At the heart of Presidio’s new hyperconverged solutions is the 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable platform. This revolutionary processor family for the data center enables organizations to move, store, and process increasingly demanding workloads with confidence. It answers today’s insatiable demand for ever-greater compute capability, hardware-enhanced security, and AI acceleration.

Complementing the processing performance premium are Intel Optane SSDs with NVMe – the first solid-state drives specifically for the data center, combining the best attributes of storage and memory. Sitting closer to the processor, Intel Optane SSDs provide a faster cache tier to accelerate performance. Today, a single Intel Optane SSD delivers the same performance as what used to be achieved from 20 or more spinning hard drives – dramatically downsizing the platform, dispensing with complex storage arrays, and making the datacenter more nimble and efficient.

The NVM express (NVMe) component of the Intel Optane SSD solution brings data directly to the processor for near-real-time results in data analytics, for example. NVMe’s fast throughput delivers greater performance per server, dramatically reducing latency.

Overcoming performance challenges to enable HCI

In the past, IT professionals faced two major barriers to overcome. First, providing massive amounts of dedicated storage was difficult and expensive. Also, achieving very high compute performance required a large number of drives. Aggravating the challenges were must-have functions, such as deduplication, compression and encryption, which stretched processor resources even further.

Intel’s recent technology advancements have enabled Presidio to help customers move onto hyperconverged platforms, collapsing hundreds of hardware units into a handful on a single server. The performance gains of Intel Xeon processors in the last five years alone have enabled Presidio to take all the computation that used to run on a stack of hardware, and run it as a single piece of software that sits on the server with other workloads. By achieving more performance with fewer machines and simplifying infrastructure so that multiple systems are condensed into one, Presidio can speed customers on their path to the cloud, enable data center modernization, and reduce their physical footprint, power consumption and total cost of ownership.

Managing on-prem systems gets easier

For businesses in market segments across the board, the advantages of VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes are summed up in a single word: simplification. The daunting task of managing complex hardware arrays has driven many organizations to the cloud, where it’s easier to consume IT as a service.

But the fact is, not all workloads belong in the cloud. By simplifying their data centers through hyperconvergence, businesses now have an opportunity to bring sensitive workloads back on-prem, where they belonged all along. With fewer hard drives to keep spinning, fewer machines to monitor and maintain, IT professionals can get back to the big-picture initiatives and focus their efforts on their business.

Presidio can recommend the right Dell EMC solution for you

vSAN Ready Nodes and VxRail with 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane SSDs, running on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers – these technologies for hyperconvergence are transforming the modern data center in ways that enable business to successfully achieve IT transformation and compete effectively.

Find out how they can simplify and accelerate your data center: contact Presidio for a software-defined infrastructure (SDI) assessment. We’ll evaluate your current environment, show you where (or if) an SDI environment would add value, and help you leverage Intel, Dell EMC and VMware technologies to define the strategy that best meets your business needs.

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