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Hey Webex Calling – There’s a fly in my soup!

by Josh Miller, Presidio Distinguished Engineer & Matt Spool, Manager UC Solutions, Presidio, Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019
Hey Webex Calling – There’s a fly in my soup!
Hey Webex Calling – There’s a fly in my soup!

Customer:  Waiter - there’s a fly in my soup.

Waiter:  I know, your soup needed more protein, so I added it in for you.  Don’t worry, I’ve conveniently added the charge to your bill!

When we go to a restaurant - we expect to get what we want, and not what our waiter is compelled to add to our dish.  We also want choices of different offerings, and to not be locked into what one chef has to offer.  Consider Presidio as your waiter, who can offer you a variety of dishes from a variety of chefs.  We are pleased to introduce you to a new offering from the leading “chef” in calling - Cisco.

This new offering is called Webex Calling, and it is based on the tried and true “BroadCloud” offering they acquired a year ago from BroadSoft.  At Presidio we’ve been heads down getting our hands on the offering, equipping and training our teams so they can share details with you.

Here are a few highlights of the offering:

  • 100% Cisco hosted and supported
  • Supports Cisco 7800 and 8800 phones, and ATA adapters
  • No changes required to your PSTN - just direct your calls up to the cloud!
  • Softphone support across mobile, desktop, and laptop
  • Group Phone Paging
  • Integration with Webex Teams
  • Attendant Console application
  • Native call queuing capabilities
  • Available as part of Cisco’s Collab Flex offering that allows you to combine services and save!

One of the most notable features is the ability for you to leave your PSTN contracts in place (with the savings you’ve worked hard to establish over the years), and simply redirect your calls to the Webex Calling platform via a SIP trunk.  You are able to accomplish this with the same hardware you already have (your Cisco CUBE and PSTN gateways).  Your gateway can simply register to the Webex Calling cloud to make this happen.  This capability offers a fantastic way to get started on your migration to the cloud by identifying groups of users (office based, number based, or even arbitrary users) and moving them to the cloud.

At Presidio, we start with an education of what the offerings are and tailor the offerings we present based on your specific needs.  Please reach out to your local Presidio team if you’d like us to contact you to discuss how you can get a taste of Cisco Webex Calling.


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