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Presidio Partners With VMware and AWS to Provide the Best of Both Worlds.

Quickest way forward to a cloud computing service model with minimal operational disruption and the most workload placement flexibility.

by Humberto Pina, Presidio Cloud & Software Solution Specialist, Monday, 9 Jul 2018
Presidio Partners With VMware and AWS to Provide the Best of Both Worlds.
Presidio Partners With VMware and AWS to Provide the Best of Both Worlds.

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) is a new cloud service offering from VMware which enables customers to run the VMware Cloud Foundation technology on AWS infrastructure. VMC is a great way forward to a cloud computing service model for Federal Governments without abandoning the long-time benefits of VMware’s products, along with years of operational and management maturity, that have served many federal government IT environments very well for many years.

VMC extends best in class VMware server virtualization technology onto the best in class AWS cloud computing infrastructure.

Having the capability of running a VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) on premise and inside AWS data centers provides the best of both worlds. Presidio sees this type of hybrid cloud model as the future of cloud technologies. VMC extends the same best in class on-premise VMware server virtualization technology onto the best in class AWS cloud computing infrastructure. Having unified virtual machine lifecycle management using the same VMware enterprise management software across a hybrid cloud deployment model provides great flexibility, cost savings and continuity of operations.

Federal government moving to the cloud

Many Federal government agencies are moving to a cloud computing service model to reduce their data center footprint, the cost of running the data center infrastructure, and to eliminate the complexity of running the hardware technology stacks. Some have migrated workloads over to a cloud service provider but it’s not an easy task and causes changes to their security, operational and management models.

VMC provides the capability to uniformly secure, operate and manage all the workloads in the same manner without having to covert the virtual machines or change the support framework of the virtual infrastructure and workload environments. Another best of both worlds example is that VMware and AWS manage all the underlying vSphere hosts but allows access and control to managing everything else that relates to the life cycle of the virtual machines through the well-known vCenter and the all other products in their vRealize suite.

This allows the existing virtual infrastructure operations team to extend the same processes and controls out to the AWS cloud. The team can then focus efforts on the applications and business value rather than the operational distraction and hassle of having to manage down towards the data center infrastructure.

Building and operating large scale virtual infrastructure is not easy

Anytime you can abstract the responsibility of managing the lowest layers of a technology stack is always good as long as it’s done right. VMware and AWS have worked together to automate the creation of a VMC tenant instance for a customer. It is remarkable to see a complete working virtual environment running on AWS infrastructure within a few minutes with the assistance of an experienced VMware and AWS partner such as Presidio. The automation also allows capacity to elastically scale out or in the number of hosts depending on the total workload requirements, and host failures are also handled automatically and rapidly to reconstitute a cluster back to its original normal working state.

There are workloads and data sets that are absolutely best served by a VMware or AWS cloud. Having VMware and AWS technologies integrated together, one can easily rationalize options and choose workloads placement where they are best served. VMware and AWS have built-in integrations allowing common AWS services like EC2, S3, IOT, Lambda, and RDS to be accessed directly from the workloads running on the VMware Cloud on AWS platform. Again, this provides the best of both worlds by having multi-tier applications running in a hybrid configuration within the proximity of the same data center or globally around the world.

For example, imagine the flexibility to run an on-premise backend application tier that is not ready to migrate yet with middleware tiers running on VMC using the same VMware tools and skills already in place, and an elastic front end web tier running on an AWS. The backend workloads can be migrated from on premise to VMC in a phased approach or back depending on what works best and the frontend tier can elastically scale depending on user load. This allows for an easy entry into cloud computing to gain cloud efficiencies without having to refactor the entire application in one wave.

Regardless, VMware Cloud on AWS provides Federal IT organizations tremendous benefits and flexibility to quickly move into a cloud computing service model with the least disruption to operations and management and provides the capability to optimally adjust workload placement as desired with the most control.

Achieve Zero to Cloud the Quickest with Presidio and VMware Cloud on AWS

Being a Premier Solution Provider for VMware and an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS enables Presidio to deliver an unrivaled time to value. Presidios credentials in the VMware and AWS market place are very robust.

Awards from VMware:

  • 2016 NSX Global Partner of the Year
  • 2016 VSAN Partner of the Year – East
  • 2015 SDDC Global Partner of the Year
  • 2014 SDDC North America Partner of the Year
  • 2013 End User Compute Global Partner of the Year

VMWare & AWS Personnel:

  • 233 Technical Certifications
  • AWS National Systems Integrator
  • 35+ AWS Technical Certifications
  • 225+ APN Business Professional Accreditations
  • 80+ APN Technical Professional Accreditations

The VMware Cloud on AWS Readiness Assessment offers our customers an ability to evaluate their current VMware environment and workloads to migrate on-premise workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS. During this assessment, we use our tools and services and offers our customers a unique roadmap that shows them their cloud adoption readiness not just on technology but also on people/process.

VMC and Presidio provides a practically seamless model by extending the on-premise VMware technology on an AWS infrastructure with VMware and AWS managed vsphere hosts. Workloads running on VMware virtual machines can be migrated over a network extension. In addition, the vCenters can be linked providing the same provisioning and management capabilities requiring no change of the operation’s team skill set and tools.

Presidio is ready with the methodology and approach to help the Federal government learn more about this capability, assess readiness for VMC, conduct a proof of concept, implement VMC and accelerate moving production workloads to the cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. Let Presidio and VMware Cloud on AWS let you accelerate from Zero to Cloud in days or weeks, not months or years.

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