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Together with HPE’s continued innovation in HPE GreenLake Consumption IT/as-a-Service technology as well as traditional hardware and software solutions, Presidio helps enterprise customers:

  • Architect software-defined, private cloud infrastructure with the agility to meet the evolving demand of the next generation of applications.
  • Reduce operational complexity and time to market with automation and composable infrastructure.
  • Develop and execute a hybrid cloud strategy to facilitate consumption of services across HPE platforms in a smart and economical delivery model.

Presidio’s team of HPE architects and engineers have worked with and delivered the full range of HPE products, while delivering business value at every stage of the technology lifecycle. This in-depth experience aligned with Presidio’s other practice areas gives our customers confidence.

Joint Solutions

Data Storage

Since your Data is an asset to your business, we use our in-depth knowledge of the entire HPE Data Management/Storage portfolio to provide the best solutions on-premise and/or through a consumption model to address our customer’s needs.

With a wealth of experience designing and implementing HPE Enterprise Data Management/Storage solutions, Presidio helps customers to go beyond the traditional concerns of storage capacity, performance, and cost by adopting the new and state-of-the-art HPE Alletra Storage solutions. Presidio prepares customers for their next steps towards a digital transformation of their Data Management/storage infrastructure to support both traditional application data sets and next generation cloud-ready data structures. With a strong partner relationship with HPE, Presidio is poised to be a steward for our customers’ journey to a Hybrid Cloud Data Management/storage infrastructure.

Servers & Systems

HPE has the industry’s most secure server solutions achieved though their unique “silicon root of trust” technology. So, partnering with HPE for its innovative solutions that support the software-defined Data Center for Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, we utilize HPE Proliant and HPE Cray Servers. Presidio then brings our expertise and experience to the table to create the customer’s vision for the next evolution in their data center infrastructure, using a proven process of planning, design, implementation and validation. Understanding the functional business and applications requirements are just as important as proposing and sizing the appropriate solution whether it Is consumed as-a- service with the HPE GreenLake consumption model or as an on-premise model to provide immediate and continuous value to the organization. Presidio’s expertise across multiple practice areas helps organizations implement the proper HPE solutions, as a foundation for their Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Edge Networking

Presidio’s knowledge of HPE Aruba Networking solutions provides businesses looking for edge delivery and increased performance a significant advantage.

Navigating networking products like firewalls, switching, wireless and SDWAN options can be complex as there is a vast ocean of solutions available. With the Presidio experience and expertise in deploying large scale HPE Aruba Networking wireless/wired networks for major sporting venues, retail, hospitality, construction, and major enterprises to working with the fast-moving agile startups, we have you covered. Presidio engineers/architects work with you to design the proper HPE Aruba Networking solution that is future driven with scalability, security and resilience in mind to keep your business protected and online. Presidio engineers also have the capability as a service to implement your new HPE Aruba Networking solution on-premise or under the HPE GreenLake Consumption model. This would include in-depth planning and a dedicated Presidio project manager to work with your IT teams to make for a great services installation either by as-a-service or on-premise.

Cloud Based Analytics

Presidio’s consultative experience coupled with HPE Infosight an AI driven analytic intelligent software, delivers more agile and seamless IT management across servers and storage infrastructure. This improves IT organizations’ response time to incidents and changes in their environments, as HPE technology systems assimilate knowledge over time to becoming self-healing, proactive and autonomous. Actionable intelligence can now drive business decisions on the next capacity purchase. The insights into cloud spend with HPE Infosight’s predictive analysis is based on real data-modeling and metrics; that can provide organizations additional value to business units by having actionable data for procurement, maintenance, waste reduction and resource reclamation.