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As longtime collaborators and key technology allies, Presidio and Intel create amazing experiences for our global customers across a range of industries. Together we strengthen and simplify data centers to support the most demanding workloads for AI, machine learning and more.

We harness new cloud capabilities for maximum scalability, and safeguard critical assets against sophisticated security threats. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, solution architects from Presidio and Intel work with every customer to ease their path forward, leveraging the built-in acceleration and performance of the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and other Intel® technology solutions to keep them competitive. And we do it all with a shared commitment to sustainable practices.

We invite you to learn how you can achieve optimum performance, whether on-prem or in the cloud, with the protection of hardened security and flexible scalability for future growth – all through the technology leadership and IT infrastructure expertise of Presidio and Intel.

Joint Solutions


Together, Presidio and Intel provide the essential technologies for today’s performant, protected and scalable data center. Whatever your workloads – artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud, security, networking, IoT and more – our solution architects leverage the right resources to simplify and expedite your transition to a modern, future-focused operation. For secure, flexible, power-saving performance, trust the infrastructure expertise of Presidio and Intel.

Cloud Computing

Presidio and Intel optimize your cloud with the latest instances based on Intel® technology for greater price-to-performance and scalability. To support your cloud workloads, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors feature purpose-built integrated accelerators and hardened security technologies. An Intel company, GranulateTM, provides an easy-to-implement cloud solution to improve application performance autonomously and in real time without the need for code changes. Optimize your cloud computing solution with the latest technologies and specialized expertise from Presidio and Intel.

Artificial Intelligence

Presidio and Intel offer greater choices for AI performance and cost-effectiveness, with an end-to-end AI portfolio to run diverse workloads with ease. At the heart of Presidio and Intel solutions is the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, featuring built-in Intel® AI Engines for high performance and energy-efficient operation. An Intel company, cnvrg.ioTM, offers a full-stack machine learning operating system – everything you need to build AI on any infrastructure, streamlining the AI process. Accelerate every step on your AI journey with the technology resources of Presidio and Intel.


Optimized Performance

Whatever your business IT challenge – introducing artificial intelligence, developing a cloud strategy, strengthening security or modernizing your data center – Presidio and Intel provide the optimal balance of breakthrough performance and lower total cost of ownership for the ideal technology solution. Intel® technology will help you achieve substantial business gains, increase operational efficiencies, and enable you to future-proof your data center.

Strengthened Security

Security threats are proliferating in number and sophistication, putting vulnerable businesses at risk of stolen assets, ransomware, compliance violations and other costly attacks. Hardware-enabled security technology from Intel and deployed by Presidio is designed and built to the industry’s most stringent security protocols. Intel offers a suite of foundational security technologies, from Intel® Crypto Acceleration to Intel® Trusted Execution Technology – all working in tandem with advanced software to protect against targeted attack.


Intel® technology is designed to accommodate an essential quality of a future-forward data center: easy scalability to meet changing demand in a dynamic marketplace. Presidio and Intel solution architects build systems with the flexibility to increase or decrease needed resources to handle heavy traffic and demanding workloads without sacrificing performance or availability. Count on our close relationship to provide platforms that function effectively across diverse environments, eliminating complexity while reducing cost.


For Presidio and Intel, our corporate mission extends beyond world-changing technologies to encompass world-saving practices as well, introducing products and methods that use less energy, leave a smaller carbon footprint and enable a greener supply chain. Our sustainability goals are a group effort, in collaboration with customers, competitors and ecosystem colleagues.


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Solutions on AI with Presidio and Intel
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Presidio and Intel: 4th Generation Scalable Processor