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Healthcare Spotlight

Graphic with healthcare workers

Presidio recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 IT decision makers to gain a deeper understanding of how businesses are experiencing their unique cloud journey. Among those surveyed were 200 IT decision makers in the healthcare industry.

Recently, those working in healthcare have been thrust into the spotlight due to recent events. It has become paramount for the healthcare industry to work diligently to to give patients easy digital access to medical records. The cloud has played a major role in this digital transformation.

While the healthcare industry proves to be further along in cloud maturity than other verticals, there are still a number of challenges that make digital transformation more difficult.

These include:

  1. An issue with IT leaders and business leaders ability to work in alignment
  2. Data sourcing challenges
  3. The IT skills gap and labor shortage

Despite these challenges, the healthcare industry puts a high emphasis on finding the right technology partners, showing that they are aware of current issues and are making an effort to solve them

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