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Presidio’s 2024 Tech Predictions: AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Emerging Tech

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The tech landscape moves quickly. 2024 is set to be a transformative year, with emerging trends in AI, cybersecurity, and computing promising to reshape the way we live and work. To maintain a competitive edge, businesses across sectors need to adapt.

Presidio’s experts have a finger on the pulse of key disciplines within the technology industry. We are entrenched in the IT and digital spheres. We can see what’s evolving and where we are heading.

The following trends, issues, and innovations will define 2024.

Top Predictions for 2024

1. Generative AI (GenAI) use will grow. So will its capabilities and its issues.

Many may think 2023 was GenAI’s year, but in 2024, more people and businesses will adopt GenAI tools. The technology will improve and expand. Its simple language model and interface is a true revolution for the tech industry — the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1990s.

Projects that used to take a developer hours or weeks, GenAI applications can complete in minutes. Godmode AI, for example, can tackle complex code writing, and is set to democratize programming.

There is a lot of fear and conversation around how AI will take over jobs. But the businesses that use AI not to replace humans but to make room for creativity and human-driven growth with have the competitive edge.

Anyone using GenAI tools should be aware of all potential inaccuracies and problems. GenAI adoption was highly accelerated in 2023. The technology still has a lot of bugs, as well as significant security and privacy issues that cannot be overlooked.

2. Early GenAI adopters will be disappointed

Many were fast to hop on the GenAI bandwagon in 2023, with certain sectors such as finance making large investments in GenAI solutions. They believed the technology would solve big complex trading challenges, but the tools fell short. The early adopters were disappointed that GenAI didn’t live up to the “hype”.

This disappointment may cause a temporary dip in utilization in 2024, but it will recover. To prevent further disappointment, more education is needed to de-mystify the tech and help users fully understand its capabilities and limitations.

3. There will be a customer experience revolution

Powered by AI, we are seeing enormous changes in customer service platforms, and customer experiences across channels. Already adopted systems (such as the chatbot) will radically improve in 2024 and revolutionize customer care. Soon, customers will be able to access top-tier services and get the personalized support they need without talking to humans

4. Threat actors will use AI to super-charge cyber attacks

In 2024, GenAI will help boost the power, reach, and sophistication of cyber threats. Bad actors will leverage GenAI tools to find vulnerabilities in critical sectors, enabling more effective cyber-attacks than ever before. See more cybersecurity predictions from Dan Lohrmann, Presidio’s CISO, on Government Technology.

5. AI-based cyber defense will become a “must-have”

To keep up with AI-powered attacks, businesses must invest in AI-powered security systems or pay the price. In 2024, security vendors will not release new products or solutions that don’t utilize AI.

6. Edge computing will take off

Edge computing helps business leaders and individuals make smarter decisions based on real-time data. In 2024, edge computing will grow. It presents massive opportunities and will become a necessity as technology continues to be embedded into every part of our lives (smart watches, smart rings, wearables, IoT, smart homes, etc.)

7. Regulations will change how businesses can utilize generative AI to manage data

Many businesses have begun using generative AI to manage confidential data. This raises many privacy concerns. New regulations and the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on AI could influence how companies approach AI and private data in 2024. Business leaders will have to ensure compliance.

8. U.S. election security will become priority #1

The 2024 election cycle will kick off in a couple months, and conversations around election security have persisted since 2016. Primary security concerns for state and local governments are not just around the potential vulnerabilities within voting machines, but also in fake news and misinformation proliferated on social media.

Governments must work hard from multiple angles to mitigate election day cyber-attacks, prevent outside influence on the presidential election, and regain public trust.

9. Digital transformation will continue, agility will win

Digital transformation is never complete. It is a constant process of remaining agile to new trends and innovation. In 2024, leaders should build a strategy for the next step in digital transformation — which must include a long-term plan for automation, AI, and machine learning, with flexibility built in.

10. The hybrid work model will evolve in 2024

As more companies grapple with return-to-work policies and in-office mandates, leaders should finalize their in-office expectations in 2024. Data and the end user/employee experience should guide each business’s approach moving forward, as analysis and feedback will indicate what works best for the company as a whole.

11. Focus will shift from cloud migration to cloud efficiency

Many organizations have already migrated to the cloud —that was a major focus of the last 3-5 years. Now, companies need to figure out how to efficiently run things in the cloud. This is the next priority, and one that will dominate 2024. Financial ops around the cloud and cost optimization will be a key conversation driving major organizational decision.

12. All eyes will be on AI governance and privacy issues

Shadow IT issues will grow as companies adopt generative AI quickly. Companies looking to benefit from AI now will need to ensure it’s used securely, and that personal data is kept private, which will mean having the right guardrails firmly in place. In 2024, businesses will need to take proactive measures to ensure protection.

13. Cloud providers will help ensure compliance

Whether for HIPPA or SEC regulations, cloud providers are now reliable resources to ensure compliance, which is highly impactful to organizations across industries. This is a new and valuable revelation.

14. Ransomware will evolve at a breakneck pace

Ransomware is always evolving and changing – 2024 will be no exception. There will be new aspects to ransomware. It won’t be the ransomware businesses were facing four years ago. 2024’s ransomware comes with double extortion, triple extortion, data reselling, and more. Businesses can no longer ignore the threat and must have a solid ransomware plan in place.

15. Recession potential will drive transformation in surprising ways

History has shown us that when people believe a recession is around the corner, they will be more cautious about where they’re spending money. This thinking drives technological transformation. In 2024, with a potential economic downturn looming, businesses will be forced to transform more quickly and use technology to gain an edge in the market.

Advancing at the speed of technology

In 2024, fast moving trends, revolutionary technology, and security threats will change the world as we know it. Presidio will be keeping a close eye on these predictions as they evolve, helping organizations adapt. Stay tuned.

Need help navigating the evolving landscape? Want expert support in 2024? Presidio’s team is standing by. Let’s talk.


Contributing Authors:

  • Mladen Milanovic, Vice President of Engineering: 1, 2, 3, 11
  • Dan O’Brien, Chief Solutions Officer: 6, 9, 15
  • Dan Lohrmann, Chief Information Security Officer: 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13
  • Dave Trader, Field CISO: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14
  • Michael Brown, Field CISO: 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13
  • Bill Fix, Collaboration Practice Director: 10
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