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WheelPros: Accelerating Automotive Industry Success with Advanced IT Infrastructure and Services

Wheel Pros

WheelPros: Accelerating Automotive Industry Success with Advanced IT Infrastructure and Services

AWS & Presidio Partner with wheel Pros to launch next-gen Innovative Automotive Data Platform


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Wheel Pros is a leading designer, marketer, and distributor of branded aftermarket wheels and is a distributor of performance tires and accessories. As Wheel Pros undergoes a period of significant organic and acquisition growth, major improvements have been made to the way technology supports the business and enables new capabilities. Wheel Pros evaluated many options and chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the platform of choice and partnered with Presidio, an AWS partner that focuses on data-driven business solutions. The modernization of existing technology approaches paved the way to migrating workloads from datacenters to AWS and ultimately building out a next-generation data platform in AWS that serves as the underlying foundation to critical business services. A number of successful business outcomes can be attributed to the data platform, such as a crucial matching process being reduced in duration from 2-3 days to about 60 minutes. The platform itself is built in a mostly serverless abstraction model, which can allow for an incredibly efficient usage of resources. Given how many services in AWS start out or eventually adopt serverless as an operating model, Wheel Pros has the option to leverage whatever abstraction is appropriate for the workload.

Having taken a data-driven approach to technology modernization, Wheel Pros is able to much more easily map what the business needs to not only the operational realities of the requirements but also what new business capabilities might be possible with visibility into their data.

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