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17 Dec: Attention: The Third Phase in Managed Security Services is Here

Unlike legacy security solutions that alerted after nearly every log event, today’s MDR services can detect—and resolve—many security issues with minimal disruption. A few years ago, identity theft protection company LifeLock aired a commercial that humorously contrasted its competitors’ security monitoring services with its proactive services.

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21 Oct: 5 Mistakes Companies Make in their Zero-Trust Journey

Zero-trust is the logical successor to the legacy perimeter security model, but there are many common pitfalls to consider. Whether companies know it or not, we’re all on a journey toward zero-trust security. This concept, which can be summarized as “never trust; always verify,” has been around for over a decade as a security focus on least privilege. However, the pandemic brought it to the forefront, as corporate offices emptied and millions of workers started working from home. So, in a relatively short period, tens of thousands of companies inadvertently accelerated their zero-trust journey, often without a well-thought-out plan.