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Presidio Bolsters Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions with Active Response

Presidio Bolsters Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions with Active Response

To further address the increasing cybersecurity threat landscape, Presidio, a leading global digital services and solution provider, today announced a new cybersecurity Active Response Solution Set to help clients ready themselves for a ransomware event with Assessments, Preparedness, Active Response, and Recovery.

Ransomware is one of the largest global industries. According to IDC, 37% of global organizations were impacted by ransomware in 2021. Presidio is addressing organizational needs for cyber insurance by meeting stringent minimum compliance requirements in order to qualify for their policies. Presidio now offers solutions for the full spectrum of modern protection, detection, response, and recovery best practices.

“It’s not if your organization will be compromised, it’s when – and far too many organizations don’t have the proper security policies and protections in place to mitigate such threats,” said Jon Jensen, VP of Cybersecurity at Presidio. “Further, cyber insurance rates and premiums have nearly doubled in recent years while coverage continues to go down. Our Active Response Solution Set not only provides an added layer of reassurance, lessening the ramifications of a potential cyber threat, it can also help reduce cyber insurance rates and even make organizations insurable that may otherwise not have been.”

New cyber risks arrive every second. The Active Response Solution Set integrates across a multitude of cybersecurity technologies. This includes system tuning, diagnostics, root cause, and impact potential to automatically take action to isolate the risk and allow technicians to review and make appropriate decisions in minutes. In addition, it offers a wide range of cybersecurity consulting services and critical protections designed for proactive, in-the-moment, and reactive support and recovery in a cybersecurity incident.

“Presidio’s Active Response Solution Set slices through a fragmented approach to cyber defense by joining all aspects into one simple solution,” said Sunil Jain, CEO at Marius, a cyber insurance group partnering with cybersecurity providers to streamline cyber insurance for their clients. “The cyber insurance market is exhausted by cybercrime, and innovation like this is what we need to not only establish insurability but also to bring normalcy to this vital insurance market.”

Ransomware attacks typically occur after 5 p.m. on a Friday when resources are often unavailable to respond quickly. Without experienced support, many organizations react without a structured process, putting their business at potential further risk. Presidio recognizes that the first 48 hours are critical to recovery. With the Presidio approach, experts are on standby 24/7 to immediately take control and protect their business. Learn more about Presidio’s full lifecycle of cybersecurity solutions to protect your critical digital assets here.

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