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LA County : Revolutionizing Public Services through Technology Innovation and Efficiency

LA County
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LA County Revolutionizing Public Services through Technology Innovation and Efficiency

Presidio retrained all 80 agents on the new systems, with a focus on building familiarity

The Challenge

Los Angeles County aimed to combine cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to its on-premise contact center infrastructure. With a cloud-based solution, the county could implement the new technologies its employees and residents had become accustomed to receiving from leading consumer companies.

Automated customer service was a big priority. Calls for common employee tech support issues, like password resets and assistance unfreezing their virtual desktop infrastructure, could take up to an hour. The county also wanted to offer residents call free delivery of public safety, social, and human services support, such as automated delivery of department phone numbers.

To steward tax dollars wisely, the county wanted to integrate several legacy contact centers into a one-stop solution. Such a complex migration for a large organization can take months—and public services and tech support issues don’t go on pause during this time. The county needed to implement this complex migration swiftly and effectively, without disrupting its ability to serve employees and residents.


Drawing from years of experience with both contact centers and cloud technologies, Presidio recommended a phased migration via Presidio’s proprietary Cloud Gateway, starting with a detailed assessment of organizational goals and the ideal customer journey.

The assessment helped define the county’s methodology for implementation—a phased approach with a focus on incremental results—and the new digital features that would augment the county’s existing system.

The result: a cloud-based desktop integrated with on-premise ticketing systems to put caller information and help desk tickets in one place. A robust IVR system delivers ticket status to callers and enables agents to look up tickets and enter their employee numbers via voice. Furthermore, when county employees forget their passwords or get locked out of the s ystem, an automated system, accessed with authenticated personal data, enables them to address the problem without calling in to the contact center.

The team partnered with Symbee to replicate contact center desktops with detailed metrics for caller volume, queues, and agent performance. Several custom reports deliver this business-level data for improved customer experience and sharper decision-making. Presidio retrained all 80 agents on the new systems, with a focus on building familiarity (e.g. getting agents used to answering calls via computers rather than phones) and managing expectations.


Over the course of a year, the new system deflected 40,000 calls from agents to the IVR and reduced hold times from 15 minutes to two minutes. Powered by automation and AI tools, capabilities like live recordings, automatic transcribing, and sentiment analysis deliver agents feedback in near real-time. This way, they can adjust and improve their service during a call and quickly determine team performance metrics. Management, meanwhile, has real-time customer analytics to shape strategy and resources moving forward.

This one-stop solution by Presidio and AWS gives the county the flexibility to implement these improvements. With an upcoming move from IVR to SMS, agents will receive email notifications for outages and changes to ticketing status. They’ll also be able to text from their phones to look up data, change passwords, or reset their desktops—improving efficiency, employee satisfaction, and customer experience.


Spanning 4,500 square miles and serving a population of 11 million with public safety, social, and human services, Los Angeles County is one of the largest counties in the United States. Its contact center serves county residents and more than 112,000 county employees via IVR technology, a hybrid cloud environment of AWS and on-premise infrastructure, and a variety of contact center applications.

Technologies Used

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Connect, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Presidio Cloud Gateway, Symbee Connect.

IVR technology
Amazon Web Services (AWS
AWS Lambda