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Episode 41: Healthcare at Sea: Mercy Ships’ Infrastructure Solutions with Presidio

This week we dive into an exciting and rewarding partnership that spans entire continents, oceans, industries, and cultures. Recently, Presidio had the fortune of working with Mercy Ships, an international charity that operates hospital ships around the globe and provides safe surgical care to communities in need.

Given how much time the crew and workers of these vessels spend at sea and in remote areas, there are a whole host of challenges that require inventive digital solutions. To take us through the ins and outs of this collaboration, our guest Jonathan Dyson (Director of IT Strategy & Governance at Mercy Ships) is joined by Presidio team members Bert Wilhelm (Senior Solutions Architect) and Quinn Vidrine (Senior Account Manager).

Join us as we discuss:

The challenges of maintaining marine satellite connectivity to provide for the professional and personal needs of Mercy Ships workersWhy scalability was important given the high turnover rate in volunteer and charity workHow SD-WAN implementation aided in application performance with multiple Internet service providers in Africa and the US