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ThousandEyes Equals Opportunity for Cisco Partners

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To put it simply, there is a tremendous opportunity for Cisco partners to make money leveraging ThousandEyes.

It’s no secret that your customers’ success depends on the digital experiences they provide to their customers and employees. Delivering suboptimal application user experiences can damage the reputation of a business and reduce its top-line revenue. And if your customers are not using ThousandEyes, they may have Internet blind spots that put them at risk of delivering degraded digital experiences.


Delivering exceptional digital experiences is difficult

In fact, even companies with vast IT resources like major social media platforms and cloud providers struggle with outages. For instance, on October 4th of last year, Facebook and its properties Instagram and WhatsApp were down around the world for more than five hours because its internal DNS services went down. Four days later, Facebook had more problems as multiple server errors caused the Facebook and Instagram applications to run very slowly for some users.

As another example, on Dec 7th, 2021, a major cloud provider experienced an outage that lasted more than eight hours, impacting users in various regions across the globe. The incident affected everything from home consumer appliances to various business services. Three days later, another approximately hour-long “aftershock” service disruption occurred. Then again five days later, on Dec 15th, yet another incident occurred that affected access to many of the cloud provider’s applications.

Not only did the cloud provider’s outages disrupt access to its own services, but it wreaked havoc on many other companies and users downstream that rely on these services. Robotic vacuum cleaners no longer worked. Whole Foods orders were suddenly canceled. Parts of’s huge retail operation were brought to a standstill, as fulfillment centers and delivery operations essentially went offline.

So, why is it more difficult now for companies to deliver exceptional digital experiences?


Customers need visibility into the network they do not control

Historically, customers controlled the networks they relied on to run their applications. They could utilize network monitoring tools to find and fix issues. But the world has changed.

Modern applications utilize services and data delivered over the Internet from multiple clouds, SaaS properties, on-premises infrastructure, and the edge. In many ways, today’s modern application is no longer a single entity, but rather a mesh of services. So, whereas network monitoring tools provide visibility into enterprises’ own networks, they can’t measure, monitor, or help remediate issues created by network traffic flowing over the Internet.

This is where ThousandEyes comes in, empowering enterprises and people to see, understand and improve digital experiences delivered over the Internet.

ThousandEyes helps you respond to your customers’ need to deliver optimal digital experiences in many use cases:

  • Customer application digital experiences. Because for many companies, their applications are their businesses.
  • Workforce digital experiences. Because hybrid work has become the new norm for the modern workforce.
  • Enterprise digital experiences. Because they enable organizations to deploy modern hybrid and SD-WANs with confidence.


ThousandEyes success translates into Cisco partner opportunities

ThousandEyes is successfully helping customers deliver optimal digital experiences, which can be seen by its 850% year-over-year revenue growth. This market success translates into Cisco partner opportunities for increased revenue and profitability.

  • Resell margin is available on initial sales and renewals.
  • Professional services revenue is available because customers will need your help with installation, instantiation (creating tests, alerts, dashboards and reports), integration with external systems, and on-going maintenance, as installations rarely remain unchanged over the course of a license.
  • Managed services are available, as many customers will want a partner to manage their entire ThousandEyes solution.


Attend ThousandEyes Partner Connection to learn more

To learn how to take advantage of these opportunities, consider attending ThousandEyes Partner Connection on February 23rd for the Americas region, and February 24th for the EMEA and APAJ regions

During this half-day event, you’ll gain valuable information and insights and learn about the tools available to help you build a successful ThousandEyes practice. We’ll also give you an inside look at all things ThousandEyes. We’ll give you everything you need to build and grow a sustainable business partnering with ThousandEyes.


A Cisco partner’s perspective

Recently, Cisco Partner Presidio shared their reasons for creating a ThousandEyes practice, which included investing in training several of their sales engineers around ThousandEyes.

Presidio is focused on accelerating business transformation through secured technology modernization. And within this focus, Presidio saw three primary use cases where ThousandEyes was an ideal fit:

  1. Modernizing infrastructure from WAN to SD-WAN
  2. Hybrid work
  3. SaaS application performance


In addition, Presidio shared how ThousandEyes made it much simpler for them to educate their executives and sellers on the value of ThousandEyes:

  • Describing the entire technology around three use cases that customers care about
  • Providing the ability to intuitively build customer solutions with only a few clicks


For instance, to prepare for a sales call, a Presidio sales team can run soft tests of the prospect’s application or website, such as showing user experiences from different places around the world. This is the type of information and insight that customers just don’t have access to without the visibility provided by ThousandEyes. And access to these insights is critical for customers to continue to deliver optimal digital experiences.


Start or grow your own ThousandEyes practice

If you haven’t already, the time is now to start your own ThousandEyes practice. And make sure to attend ThousandEyes Partner Connection to learn how you can leverage ThousandEyes to grow your practice and make more money!




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