Nutanix Announces Support for Cisco UCS Servers

Nutanix announced today that its software is now fully supported on Cisco UCS servers. Highlights of this include the support of two modes: Managed Mode: Connects UCS C220 or C240 servers to Fabric Interconnects. All automated upgrades will still...

by Clay Godshalk, Senior Solutions Architect; Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP DC Services; Vinu Thomas, CTO, Thursday, 18 Aug 2016

Nutanix announced today that its software is now fully supported on Cisco UCS servers. Highlights of this include the support of two modes:

  • Managed Mode: Connects UCS C220 or C240 servers to Fabric Interconnects. All automated upgrades will still occur via Prism. UCS Manager will manage the service profiles associated with the servers. Customers will be able to leverage an existing set of FI’s if they are running 3.1 code.
  • Standalone Mode: Connects UCS C220 or C240 servers to 10GbE switches. All automated upgrades will still occur via Prism.

Why Nutanix on Cisco UCS?
Driven by customer-demand, there’s been strong demand for Nutanix Software on Cisco UCS. These collaborative efforts predate the announcement of Cisco HyperFlex (Springpath on Cisco UCS). Cisco UCS innovations around architecture, performance, unified fabric, network innovations and management have guaranteed its success in an increasingly-virtualized landscape.

UCS has exploded to become one of the top five server vendors, and most importantly, it’s the server vendor of choice for Presidio and our customers. UCS has also been the compute component of the leading converged infrastructure solutions that have become the building blocks of the Private Cloud infrastructure solutions: EMC’s Vblock, NetApp’s FlexPod and others. The storage manufacturers are drawn to the UCS ability to partially simplify the complex 3-tier infrastructure combination of servers, storage and storage network.

Converged vs Hyper Converged Infrastructure
There are similarities between converged infrastructure (CI) solutions and hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) solution. Fundamentally, they accomplish the same desired result for our customers: taking the guesswork out of infrastructure to focus on running the business.

The main difference is in the software. Hyper converged is all about the software; software that can run on any hardware. Converged is bringing together best of breed solutions and ensuring they all work together, enabling an upgrade matrix that takes the guesswork out of managing the infrastructure.

The Growth and Innovation of Nutanix
More than five years ago, Nutanix shook up the industry by demonstrating how a software-defined approach can aggregate local server storage to run the world’s largest organizations. A combination of greatly simplified management, vastly better scalability and much greater resiliency made the legacy model of servers and SANs all but irrelevant.

Nutanix continues to innovate, moving from a hyper converged platform to an Enterprise Cloud Platform. Multi-hypervisor support, all flash solutions and centralized management are all unique features in this space. When that software and Cisco UCS are combined, a game-changing solution is born. We had been hearing from our customers that they wanted us to work with Nutanix to make this happen; today it has become a reality!

Supported Cisco UCS Hardware Models and Hardware Configuration

The following rack server models are supported:

  • Cisco UCS C240-M4SX
  • Cisco UCS C240-M4L
  • Cisco UCS C220-M4S

The following fabric interconnects are supported:

  • Cisco UCS 6248UP Fabric Interconnect
  • Cisco UCS 6296UP Fabric Interconnect

Additionally, the Intel X520 Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ NICs network interface card (NIC) is supported on standalone C-Series servers for uplink connectivity and the Cisco 1227 VIC is supported in managed mode. Intel s3610 SSD drives are also supported in all of the configurations.

VDI, server virtualization and high-performance compute are some of the reasons that customers leverage Nutanix today for mission critical workloads.

Below are images that depict some of the platforms that are supported: 

Presidio Lab Prism

Presidio Lab Performance
The performance in our environment was strong and consistent. By leveraging the Nutanix Performance script (leverages FIO), we were able to see over 326,000 IOPS on four nodes. In addition, we saw over 1.47Gbps of throughput while maintaining ~1ms response time.

Where to Buy?
All of the new Nutanix and UCS products are available today. To learn more about Nutanix and UCS products, or to get information on attending a briefing for Nutanix/UCS, contact Presidio today.

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