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29 Oct: 5 Tips to Avoid Toil & Trouble on Your IT Automation Journey

Accuracy in business processes has always been important, but it used to require tedious, error-prone manual processes to achieve. Today, accuracy and automation go hand-in-hand. For an easily recognizable example, just look at how modern retail stores manage their inventory. If stock runs low on certain items, the store will automatically kick off a stock replenishment process requesting that it be replaced.

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08 Jun: The Key to Maximizing Business Collaboration Solutions and Conferencing Effectiveness

Looking at the “new office,” Presidio is helping customers enhance their current capabilities to bring the office where their employees are. Every aspect of collaboration has a human touch to it, and we help customers become future-ready. It’s about connecting people, and companies can’t afford to make a mistake with their most valuable resource—their employees. 

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15 Apr: Learn Why Presidio is Inspiring Companies to Move to the Edge

In the series of Presidio Inspires blogs, we bring to our readers topics that span different technologies and solutions top of mind in today’s world. With Cisco, the technology we provide customers is often more impactful than any of us can imagine. It’s the ability to impact people with technology that is driving digital transformationOne customer that comes to mind for impactful digital transformation is a top-tier Children’s Hospital in the US, which provides children from all over the country lifesaving services.