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Microsoft Azure

IT leaders are under increasing pressure to transform from cost centers into strategic service providers and business enablers for their organizations. This transformation is driven in part by companies’ use of cloud technology to overturn traditional IT business models and run more agile, flexible and nimble operations.

With Azure cloud capabilities, forward looking IT organizations can scale efficiently, provision resources based on changing application demands and unleash the power of data and insights – allowing their organizations to introduce new products and services at a speed and scale previously thought to be impossible.


We help our clients take cloud strategy and adoption to the next level. Through our advanced cloud solutions practice, combined with Presidio’s IT infrastructure expertise, we provide hybrid and public cloud solutions backed by Microsoft Azure.  Presidio offers cloud strategy, architecture and implementation services along with application rationalization and migration across the hybrid and public cloud data center environments.

Presidio’s Data Analytics Practice provides our customers with industry leading solutions allowing them to be more efficient with greater agility while also giving them a competitive edge. Built on top of our core expertise in infrastructure, security and hybrid cloud, our solutions provide a full lifecycle approach to maximizing the power of our customer’s data.

Azure Cloud
Azure helps enterprises build with greater efficiency and be more responsive to change. It’s a flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage apps across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build these apps using any language, tool, or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud apps with your existing IT environment.   Turn your ideas into solutions faster using a trusted cloud that is designed for you.

Data and Analytics
Microsoft has the industry leading database platform in SQL Server 2016, with everything built-in including in database advanced analytics, built in ETL and mobile and self-service BI. Wherever your data is, Microsoft and Presidio will help you unlock its potential. Build intelligent apps faster using the tools and technologies of your choice and artificial intelligence (AI) that’s already built-in.

  • SQL Server  - Maintain full flexibility and control over your database and operating system
  • Azure SQL - A fully managed relational database that provisions quickly, scales on the fly, and includes built-in intelligence and security
  • Azure SQL DW - A fully managed, elastic data warehouse with security at every level of scale at no extra cost
  • Cosmos DB- A globally distributed multi-model database, with support for NoSQL choices, with industry-leading performance and SLAs.
  • HDInsight - A fully managed cloud Hadoop and Spark service backed by 99.9% SLA for your enterprise
  • Azure ML - A fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy, and share predictive analytics solutions
  • Azure Data Lake - A no-limits data lake built to support massively parallel analytics
  • Azure Data Factory - A data integration service to orchestrate and automate data movement and transformation
  • Stream Analytics - An on-demand, real-time stream processing service with enterprise-grade security, auditing, and support

Azure IoT
Microsoft’s vision is to democratize IoT by allowing everyone to access the benefits of IoT and provide the foundation for digital transformation

  • Azure IoT Central - is a fully managed SaaS solution that is best used when you need to get started quickly with minimal IoT experience. If your business is pursuing speed over customization, SaaS models could be the perfect fit for your IoT implementation needs. 
  • Azure IoT Suite - is a customizable PaaS solution that is best used when you need a lot of control over your IoT solution. If your business is implementing IoT for connected operations, or have very particular customization requirements for your connected products, you can have the control you need with Azure IoT solution accelerators. 
  • Azure IoT Edge - provides organization with the capacity to do local processing. When combined with a PaaS or SaaS solution, edge processing can offer faster calculations and reduce the cost of data sent to the cloud.

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Presidio is a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on Digital Infrastructure, Business Analytics, Cloud, Security & Emerging solutions. We deliver this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation and design. By taking the time to deeply understand how our clients define success, we help them harness technology advances, simplify IT complexity and optimize their environments today while enabling future applications, user experiences, and revenue models.
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