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Microsoft Teams Performance Assessment (Return to Office)

Microsoft Teams
Wireless architecture

Microsoft Teams Performance Assessment (Return to Office)

Presidio offers an analysis of Microsoft Teams performance, providing recommendations on optimization and a review of overall best practices.

Microsoft Teams Best Practices

  • Review end user devices, desktops, and laptops
  • Review internet bandwidth, firewall, network, switching, and wireless architecture
  • Review general best practices for Microsoft Teams

Application Performance Management (APM)

Using APM software installed on a sample size of end user devices, Presidio will compile, review, and report on endpoint performance focused on Microsoft Teams

Quality of Service (QoS)

Review QoS to ensure the trust domain is extended to the Windows operating system, Windows Global Policy is properly tagging DSCP, and validate that those markings are honored on the network until it reaches the internet egress

Microsoft Network Assessment Tool

Install the Microsoft Teams Network Assessment Tool and compile, review, and report on network issues found focused on Microsoft Teams

Make Cyber a Force Field, Not a Shackle

Work from home became a way of life since 2020, and during that time many organizations adopted Microsoft Teams for collaboration and meetings. Cloud application performance can suffer as shared resources, such as the network or internet bandwidth, are constrained. Additionally, Microsoft continues to roll out new Teams features enhancing the customer experience, oftentimes at the expense of client PC resources.

Microsoft Teams Assessment Report Documentation of the assessment completed for Microsoft Teams, application performance evaluation, and recommended best practices.
APM software
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