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Presidio partners with Rubrik to ensure that customer data is always protected, regardless of where it resides. Rubrik was developed to create a single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, compliance and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centers and cloud.

Joint Solutions

Be Security Forward

As enterprises adopt data-driven business models to increase agility and access, their data becomes more lucrative for attackers to target. For organizations that suffer from successful attacks, significant data corruption or loss is commonplace with more enterprises opting to pay the ransom than ever before. When an attack occurs, Rubrik provides granular assessments of the scope of damage, 1-click restores to the most recent clean slate and alerting to unusual behavior using machine learning.

Be Cloud Forward

Data protection in the cloud is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the customer. Rubrik provides modern data protection for workloads and services running in multiple different clouds. With Rubrik, organizations can remove the hassle of scheduling and maintaining backups across multiple different clouds and services. Admins can turbocharge recovery with just a few clicks and unify backup and recovery under a single control pane for global management and visibility across their cloud, SaaS, and datacenters. Rubrik improves operational efficiency and speed while keeping data in the cloud for ultimate security

Be Data Forward

Rubrik provides modern data protection for industry leading databases. Orchestrate mission-critical data across on-premises and cloud while unifying backup, recovery, archival, replication, search, analytics, compliance, and management of self-service clones into a single converged software platform. Rubrik simplifies the data protection of your databases. Automate database discovery and protect your databases with a single SLA policy engine. Restore entire databases with near-zero RTOs or recover down to a single tablespace. Improve your operation efficiency and speed while giving your DBAs the control they want.


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Data Protection for VMware

Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud native backups

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