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Better Together

Presidio combines its technology consulting framework with Pure Storage innovative solutions to transform the way people and businesses build technology and solve complex storage problems for customers.

Joint Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Management

Presidio and Pure together can provide Hybrid Cloud solutions that give organizations options for operational and financial flexibility, and businesses can adjust their CAPEX and OPEX infrastructure usage according to workload demand and data center and budget requirements. A hybrid cloud environment also provides greater data-protection options. You can leverage both the reliability, efficiency, and security of private-cloud and the agility, simplicity, and on-demand consumption of public-cloud.

Converged Infrastructure

Presidio partners with Pure to deliver a Modern converged infrastructure (CI) solutions that are smarter, simpler, smaller – and more efficient than ever before. They’re virtual machine-aware and hybrid cloud-ready, while retaining the predictability and efficiency advantages of dedicated compute and storage tiers.

Data Center Modernization

Presidio and Pure understand that if data is potentially an organization’s most important asset – then data analytics is a critical initiative for any enterprise. Pure Data-Centric Architecture dramatically simplifies the complexities of an analytics infrastructure by consolidating to a single platform. No more siloed workloads: instead, all-flash power for every workload.

Data Analytics

The Presidio and Pure partnership can deliver a modern experience that accelerates decision-making, protects your innovation investments with adaptable architectures, and simplified technology adoption with easy-to-use systems and software.


Fast, Shared Data

Velocity and shareable are fundamental to extracting maximum value from data.

On-Demand & Automated

Wait time is wasted time. Empower your organization with a data-centric architecture with on-demand services.

Globally Reliable & Secure

Making data accessible is the key first step to generating real value. When there is an incident, your data is protected during remediation.

Software-Defined Data Center

Complete customization to reference architectures, we can design the best fit solution for your company.

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New Software-Defined Storage Models Let You Explore Bold Frontiers
New Software-Defined Storage Models Let You Explore Bold Frontiers
Prioritize Innovation with Presidio and Pure Storage®
Prioritize Innovation with Presidio and Pure Storage®
C-Suite Perspective Webinar Series: Pure Storage
C-Suite Perspective Webinar Series: Pure Storage


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