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Enterprise File Storage Simplified for the Cloud

Nasuni and Presidio help you move your file storage and backup to the cloud with a simple, fast, and low-cost approach. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform was built for the cloud and is the only solution that couples a global file system with cloud object storage and cloud-based orchestration, saving you up to 50% or more. The combination of Nasuni with Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud gives you unlimited file server capacity on-demand, with built-in backup and Disaster Recovery (DR), and file sharing across any number of users and locations.

Whether you deploy Nasuni completely in the cloud, as a hybrid-cloud solution, or in your private cloud, your data is always accessible with fast local performance. Nasuni uses cloud object storage to lower costs and deliver unlimited scalability to your enterprise whether it consists of one site or hundreds.

Joint Solutions

File Storage Without Limits

Nasuni unshackles your infrastructure from volume and file limitations. Gain the flexibility to align your file storage to the business and easily adjust as needed. Files are easily accessed and shared via industry standard SMB and NFS protocols from Windows, Linux, and macOS clients.

Edge Performance

Lightweight Nasuni Edge virtual machines can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud to intelligently cache copies of frequently accessed data from cloud object storage for high-performance access. Nasuni continually applies data and metadata analysis to predict the file data most likely to be accessed and evict data that is less likely to be accessed, maximizing Nasuni Edge cache utilization.

Ransomware Protection

The Nasuni Ransomware Protection add-on service proactively defends file shares, stops attacks, and provides detailed incident reports of files affected by ransomware to system administrators and other security platforms. Combined with the Nasuni File Data Platform’s core data protection and rapid recovery capabilities, it delivers enhanced ransomware resilience for file shares, so that users can rapidly return to productivity when attacks occur, regardless of the amount of data or where that data is located.



Accelerate cloud-first initiatives to lower infrastructure costs.

Dramatic Risk Reduction

Immediately minimize the business impact of cybersecurity threats.

Business Productivity

Flexibility and freedom to make strategic choices that align data access to the business.

Operational Efficiency

Single administrative experience simplifies management and reduces the burden on IT resource.


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Nasuni Ransomware Protection
Nasuni Ransomware Protection
Nasuni File Data Platform
Nasuni File Data Platform


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Presidio and Nasuni can help you achieve Full Stack Observability.

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