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Episode 15: Ransomware Recovery: How to Bounce Back from an Attack

The proliferation of ransomware attacks is a hot topic in the news lately.

But if you’ve never experienced one, you may not be properly prepared to respond to one — and you really need to be.

Because when it comes to ransomware, it’s not if, it’s when.

On today’s episode host, Andy Richter and guest, Dave Trader , Field CISO at Presidio, talk about who to call when you’re in the midst of a ransomware crisis. Andy and Dave join the show to share their expertise in ransomware recovery and help you prepare to weather any attack that comes your way.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The technical aspects of ransomware recovery
  • Why communications are critical to successful ransomware recovery
  • The timeline you should expect from an attack to a successful recovery

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