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Biolytica: Empowering Clinicians to Optimize Patient- Health Plans


Biolytica Requested Presidio’s guidance to develop a new data driven Health Analytics platform to increase Healthspan and Longevity

Presidio Develops New Data-driven Health Analytics Platform to Increase Healthspan And Longevity

The Challenge

Biolytica, a Swiss-based longevity start-up, combines state-of-the-art health data analytics with personalized health optimization and longevity insights based on the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs. Its mission is to make increased human healthspan and performance accessible for everyone.

Biolytica came to Presidio with an amazing concept that required the right technology solution to successfully help people live longer, healthier lives


Biolytica and Presidio collaborated to create NEXUS, a platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that integrates many sources of data that had never been combined in a single platform.

Presidio’s team utilized a cost-effective and scalable cloud operating model leveraging AWS cloud solutions. Presidio also provided a team of AWS infrastructure, developer and data experts to manage all aspects of Biolytica’s application and infrastructure. Presidio helped design, develop, deploy, and continues to fully CASE STUDY manage the infrastructure, services, integrations, Agile processes, and controls required for GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

The solution was architected using a set of AWS services that precisely align with Biolytica’s various requirements. AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon DynamoDB play pivotal roles as foundational services. The choice of AWS Lambda, a serverless offering, was not only dictated by its capacity to meet the technical requirements but also by its cost-saving potential. Clinician data resides in Amazon Aurora, while application-specific metadata is efficiently stored and accessed within DynamoDB.

In addition, ancillary services such as AWS CloudTrail and AWS Xray are harnessed for the monitoring of logs and the tracking and oversight of API calls.


Longevity clinics, a recent addition to the medical field, rely on a wide array of data sources, including blood labs, photos for aging assessment, wearables tracking sleep and activity, and smart home devices monitoring blood pressure and body composition. Previously, clinicians within our client base dedicated a full day to compiling a comprehensive, customized longevity report from various health data sources and files. Biolytica NEXUS, our AWS-powered solution, has significantly streamlined this process, allowing the generation of the same comprehensive report in under 30 minutes. Biolytica NEXUS aggregates this data into a single portal, presenting it in user-friendly views, screens, and reports that highlight areas of progress and potential risks.

This data intelligence is instrumental in identifying opportunities to enhance an individual’s health span, the period of their life when they enjoy good health. Our solution has empowered clinicians worldwide to craft personalized health optimization plans for each of their clients.

Dan Fobes


“The Science of Longevity Is not just about Living Longer, It’s About Living Healthier, Longer. While Many Books and Articles on Longevity Provide General Direction, What’s Needed Is a Personalized Software Solution That Incorporates an Individual’s Genetics, Biomarkers, and Lifestyle Choices That Produces Measurable Results. Bringing This Information Together Enables Effective Planning For Longevity, and Is Important In Areas Of Prevention, Chronic Disease Management, And Telehealth.”

Services / Technology Used:    AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Xray

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