The Reason you implement cloud is for options.

Our Capacity on Demand Model gives you the security and customization of a private cloud all while leveraging the convenience and efficiency of a public cloud.  

Learn more about being more affordable yet secure.


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Practical Perspective

What if you could get on demand resources in a private cloud environment and pay as you grow?

Watch how to extend your private cloud without compromise and learn more about this infrastructure.

International business can be complicated. Finding the right global I.T. Partner does not have to be.

In a global economy you need partners that understand how to do
international business where you and your customers are. Learn more

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Choosing the right global transaction model is a key variable to your international business.

Presidio helps global organizations address various procurement, logistics and service issues.

Practical Thinking for a Connected World

We help clients unlock the unlimited potential of a completely connected world. We understand that the backbone of this unprecedented level of connection is Information Technology. Watch our story.

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Practical Perspective

Everything is connected. And this connectivity is changing the way everyone does business. We see in this transformation not just complexity, but also opportunity. Not merely the risk, but also the potential for unlimited possibilities. Read more here


Meet Vinu Thomas and George Santa, Presidio Practical Thinkers who found a way to build a better cloud model using consumption economics within a client specific environment.

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Practical Perspectives

When our clients wanted more options for their cloud architecture, Vinu and George created a solution. Read Vinu’s blog.

“When it comes to the cloud conversation, the Presidio Capacity on Demand model really helps clients to start thinking about cloud a little bit differently”- George Santa watch the story.