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Presidio’s partnership with Dell Technologies provides IT leaders with the innovative products and solutions they need to drive digital strategy in their organizations.

By collaborating across a full suite of cutting-edge technologies to deliver Modern Data Center Solutions, our alliance helps customers modernize their data center in a faster and more cost-effective manner. This allows businesses and service providers to place a greater emphasis on aligning the business functions and processes, enabling them to focus on outcomes, instead of the underlying infrastructure, to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service.

Joint Solutions


Improve workload mobility, reduce errors and improve efficiency while simplifying operations across all cloud environments with a consistent infrastructure. You can accelerate innovation with access to the right resources at the right time, enabling faster speed-to-market and reduce risk by giving a single operational hub with the ability to manage public, private, and cloud edge computing.

Data Management and Storage Solutions

With data becoming more business-critical, organizations need data management solutions that can fill a broad range of objectives. The right data management tools will reduce the cost of complexity of data storage, archiving, and compliance while ensuring high data availability and optimal performance for IT systems.

Data Protection and Back-up Solutions

Presidio partners with Dell Technologies to provide automated and resilient data protection that can produce a documented process for compliance and governance including file recovery and restoration. Cloud protection helps secure distributed data and retrieve lost data.


Innovative Solution sets for traditional and hyperconverged environments with the latest and most integrating complementary technologies from leading providers. Delivering the optimal combination of performance, price and reliability while meeting business requirements.


Evolve Predictability

Upgrade with certainty and minimize business disruption with a curated experience.

Cloud Migration

Virtualize and automate the delivery of IT services to boost business agility.

Foster Operational Freedom

Automated full-stack lifecycle management simplifies operations and reduces risk.

Software-Defined Data Center

Complete customization to reference architectures, we can design the best fit solution for your company.

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C-Suite Perspective Webinar Series: Dell Technologies
C-Suite Perspective Webinar Series: Dell Technologies


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