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Migration Services

Migration is about realizing strategies and outcomes more quickly and efficiently by driving business agility through data center consolidation and Cloud Transformation. Having your most important business processes running outside of the datacenter takes a very careful approach and depth of expertise. Presidio has many service offerings that are purpose-built to help our customers on this journey regardless of their starting point. Our approach is tightly aligned with the AWS “Well-Architected Framework” for Cloud Migrations, and has provided successful outcomes for many customers on their cloud journey.

There are many elements to a successful cloud journey:

  • Align on business requirements with all stakeholders
  • Create a strategic vision or business case
  • Publish guidance & guard rails for cloud adoption
  • Develop employee skillsets and close skills gaps
  • Provide centralized expertise for decentralized innovation
  • Define new operating models: policies, processes, and economics
  • Start small, iterate, measure, manage, and improve


This Migration Readiness Assessment is split into 6 perspectives from the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework to assess an organization’s migration readiness. The left side is mainly business and the right side is mainly technology focused.

Business Perspective is focused on how the business model integrates with the IT strategy.

People Perspective is about how the teams are prepared for cloud adoption.

Governance is all about both IT and Organizational Governance.

Platform Perspective includes principles and patterns for communicating your target state. environment and migrating workloads to the cloud.

Security Perspective is to understand the process for selecting and implementing controls.

Operations Perspective is how IT workloads are run, used, and operated to meet the requirements of the business.



There may be disconnected or incomplete data in an environment. We have been helping customers by leveraging well established tools and processes, as well as our experience, to build an understanding of the customer’s environment and create a tailored plan that allows for an iterative/agile approach over time.


The plan will include a definition of the migration pattern for each workload. Our consultants will consider the feedback from application stakeholders and draw from their experiences to help determine the appropriate migration patterns.

Rehost (a.k.a. lift and shift) – is focused on maintaining the architecture and migrating directly to a server running in the cloud. This migration can be done manually by copying the data or using automated tools such as CloudEndure.

Replatform – is very similar to rehosting, but the key difference is that the code is altered to take advantage of new cloud infrastructure (a.k.a. Platform-as-a-Service). Some common services include Relational Database Service (RDS) or ElastiCache for Redis.

Repurchase – is moving to a SaaS model.

Refactor – is redesigning the application to be cloud-native. These applications drive the most value out of the cloud. Automation or Serverless approaches provide the most operational efficiencies.

Retire and Retain – are exactly as the names suggest. Mainframes are an example of when customers may retain the application on-prem until the next version of the application can be Repurchased or Refactored.


Presidio recognizes that most customers are at various stages with regards to their adoption of cloud technologies. Maturity Patterns can be split into 4 common states; we help establish a starting point, define positive paths forward, and transition to an optimizing state. By better understanding your maturity, Presidio will be positioned to engage appropriately.


  • Legacy Applications on Bare Metal
  • No Innovation Strategy


  • Virtualized
  • Aged LOB Applications
  • Minimal Development


  • Rationalized Application
  • Re-platformed with Platform-as-a-Service
  • Exploring or utilizing some DevOps Methodologies


  • Microservices, Stateless, or Serverless
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Mature DevOps practices

Combining the Migration and Maturity Patterns helps define a road map to evolve cloud operations and applications to maximize the return on investment. Evolution leads to lower operating costs, increased security, and speeds up-time to business value.

Case Studies

AWS Cloud Migration St. Johns Case Study

St John’s University

Presidio recommended SJU to use AWS Services to centralize the code management, build management, approval, and deployment process.

AWS Cloud Migration Meeting

Red Beach Advisors

Red Beach Advisors (RBA) is a technology management consulting company based in California. Their clients and partners include some of the biggest names in technology and business. RBA helps companies build, grow, and scale through consultation with strategy, process, systems, and people.


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