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Success is a horrible teacher, and 4 other IT lessons from Michael Dell

At Presidio, we’re moving full steam into 2019, working to stay at the forefront of Digital Transformation in today’s workplace. Looking back at 2018, one of our more impactful moments was having the pleasure of Michael Dell, Founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, sit down with our CEO, Bob Cagnazzi, at our annual CIO Summit to discuss trends on the horizon. The fireside chat was wide-ranging, so check out the full video, including four key themes that stuck as being especially insightful as we move into 2019

Tuesday, 5 Feb 2019

Reframing technology in business

As Michael states in the clip, in years past, technology in business was basically the “IT Department.” In 2019 and beyond, we’ll continue to see technology as a catalyst for change in all areas of the business. IT is no longer simply a layer on top of how business operates; it’s the central core.

Reframing - Reframing technology in business

More than buzzwords

Big data, IoT, 5g.  Buzzwords? Yes. Rightfully so? Also yes. As Michael notes:

Reimagining - More than buzzwords

The cost of capturing data continues to decrease, and the ability to use data to impact service delivery, software deployments, and hardware intelligence grows by the day. The tipping point between the talk of big data and the impact of big data is now. We believe it will continue to fundamentally change how we do business.

Doubling down on the potential in edge computing

As data available becomes more robust, the ‘when’ and ‘where’ that data is processed will become more important than ever. Edge computing brings that processing closer to the source. The potential impact should not be underrated. After all, as Michael states:

Reconsidering - Doubling down on the potential in edge computing

Digital transformation, driven by leadership

No longer can IT be the sole advocate for digital transformation. C-level leadership is the key driver of transformation and the belief in the need for it. For true transformational change to take place within any organization, the commitment must be led from the top.

Reflecting - Digital transformation, driven by leadership

We’re already into 2019; things continue to change fast. Presidio is here to guide our clients and their businesses through whatever phase of their tech journey they’re in.

By building off award-winning partnerships with technology leaders like Dell Technologies, and bringing the best team to the table, Presidio remains uniquely positioned to help navigate the ever changing landscape. How can we help you?

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