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Microsoft Azure VMware Solution Advanced Specialization

Microsoft Azure VMware Solution Advanced Specialization Benefits

Presidio is thrilled to announce we have earned the Microsoft Azure VMware Solution advanced specialization, a validation of a services partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience and proven success in migrating on-premises VMware workloads to run natively on Azure with the Microsoft Azure VMware Solution.

Only partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, as well as pass a third-party audit of their Azure VMware Solution technical practices, are able to earn the Microsoft Azure VMware Solution advanced specialization.

Many VMware customers are looking to keep managing their existing environments with the same VMware tools they already know while modernizing their applications with Azure native services. Azure VMware Solution is a Microsoft service, verified by VMware, that runs on Azure infrastructure.

Azure VMware Solution advanced specialization partners can help you seamlessly move VMware-based workloads from your data center to Azure and integrate your VMware environment with Azure.

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