Presidio and Red Hat: Getting started with OpenShift Container Management Workshop

Presidio and Red Hat: Getting started with OpenShift Container Management Workshop

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This workshop is for IT operations, engineers and architects who want practical, hands-on experience deploying and managing enterprise containerized applications. Learn how Kubernetes and OpenShift container platform can help you deploy and manage applications with increased speed and reliability.


  • Exploring the CLI and Web Console: OpenShift includes a feature-rich web console with both an Administrator perspective and a Developer perspective. In addition to the web console, OpenShift includes command-line tools to provide users with a nice interface to work with applications deployed to the platform
  • Deploying your first container image: Get a plain old Docker-formatted image to run on OpenShift
  • Scaling and self healing: Deploying configurations and replication controllers
  • Exposing your application: Allowing end-users to can access the application
  • Log aggregation: Explore the logging aggregation capabilities of OpenShift
  • Role-based access control: Almost every interaction with an OpenShift environment that you can think of requires going through the OpenShift’s control plane API
  • Remote access to your application: debugging an application, it might be beneficial to get into a container and inspect the application
  • Deploying Java™ code: Deploy a backend service developed in Java that will expose 2 main REST endpoints
  • Database (MongoDB): Deploy and connect a MongoDB database
  • Application health: Understand readiness prob and Liveness probe
  • Automate build and deployment with pipelines: Learn about pipelines and how to configure a pipeline in OpenShift so that it will take care of the application lifecycle
  • Automation for your application on code changes: Configuring web hooks
  • Using application templates: Build a single template
  • Binary builds for day to day development: Moving on from S2I

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January 27, 2022 @ 11:00 AM (PST) to
January 27, 2022 @ 02:00 PM (PST)


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