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Steve Kaplan - VP of Virtualization and Cloud and Jeremy Oakey
02/21/13 at 10:14 am
A private cloud is built upon a virtualized network, along with storage and compute, resources. Many virtual networks are overlaid on top of the shared physical network, logically separating tenants on the shared resources. One challenge is that the physical network lacks visibility into the topology of the overlays. A second obstacle is that network overlays utilizing standard vSwitches do not allow for security and network policies to live-migrate with VMs.
Steve Kaplan, VP of Virtualization and Cloud Cloud Computing
02/05/13 at 04:40 pm
Presidio works with many different manufacturers to implement various pieces of a private cloud strategy ranging from services catalogs to orchestration to chargeback. vCloud Suite promotion is VMware’s latest effort to enable private cloud by putting the foundational products for VMware’s cloud strategy into hundreds of thousands of customer environments. It also provides both a comprehensive cloud-computing vision and tangible path for transformation to software-defined data centers.