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Data and Analytics

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Data & Analytics

Reinvent your business with the power of data.

Data is the backbone of any transformation. After all, without the right data served up at the right time to the right audience, business outcomes will never be met.

Robust data—with volume, velocity, variety, and veracity—is what informs critical enterprise applications. That’s why data and analytics are a core component of Presidio Cloud Solutions and AWS.

Presidio helps organizations establish a sound process for managing and preparing their data so they can take full advantage of a mature data analytics framework. We use a strategic, holistic approach that aligns big data to business strategies.

Rely on the business intelligence

of tomorrow.

Presidio’s Data & Analytics practice is laser-focused on business agility, which is delivered using cutting edge cloud technologies, including AWS. Presidio and AWS provide the broadest selection of services that fit all your analytics needs and give you a way to reimagine your business with data.

Presidio offers

Data Platform Modernization

Transformational project to develop a modern data platform leveraging next-gen services provided by AWS

Data Strategy Workshop

2-week engagement to evaluate business outcomes/use cases and provide an actionable data strategy

Modern Analytics

Transformative project that provides the business with new avenues of revenue and growth through artificial intelligence and machine learning

Existing Data & Analytics Workload Migration

Cloud migration of existing on-premise Data & Analytics tools and frameworks to achieve business agility

Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization

Cloud migration of on-premise enterprise data warehouse, that results in lower total cost of ownership

Data Migration

IT-centric transformation in which databases are migrated to the cloud

Business Intelligence Modernization

Business and IT transformation that introduces new tools for performing analytics and predictive/prescriptive insights, resulting in a better understanding of the data

AWS provides

Analytics on AWS

The broadest selection of services that fit all your data analytics needs

Scalable Data Lakes

300,000 data lakes running on AWS that build and store your data to gain deeper insights than with traditional data silos and data warehouses

Purpose-built for Performance and Cost

Optimized, purpose-built services that help you quickly extract data insights using the most appropriate tool for the job, delivering top performance, scale, and lowest costs

Serverless and Easy to Use

The most serverless options for data analytics in the cloud, including options for data warehousing, big data analytics, real-time data, and data integration

Unified Data Access, Security, and Governance

Data access wherever it lives, and airtight security no matter where it’s stored

Machine Learning (ML) Integration

Built-in ML integration as part of our purpose-built analytics services. Build, train, and deploy ML models using familiar SQL commands, without any prior machine learning experience