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This year we’ll be transforming the Gaylord Palms into our own live studio environment, where you’ll participate in an array of multi-media experiences spanning broadcast television, Hollywood movies, streaming content, news & weather, live shows and of course our post-event virtual training. All culminating in our own Oscar-worthy Awards Ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Presidio Federal and Global teams outside of the US, please follow your standard travel process for booking flights.

You are welcome to have a guest travel with you if you cover all of your guest expenses including air travel. You will need to book your flight through Concur, using the process above. Your guest will need to book their flight independently. Please note that due to space limitations, guests cannot attend any of the Exchange sessions or meals. During registration, you will need to select a single room and pay half the room rate. Your personal cost will be $99.50 + tax (currently 14.5%) per night and cannot be reimbursed.

Please use a Taxi / Rideshare between Orlando International Airport and Gaylord.
Many Presidio employees will be on the same flights as you so please try to fill up the cars. Also, use Taxi / Rideshare back to the airport.
Car rental in Orlando will not be reimbursed.

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