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People of Presidio: Ann Marie Sexton

Name: Ann Marie Sexton
Job Title: Senior Service Delivery Manager

My role is to manage the delivery of IT services to clients. This includes continuous client and stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, process development, continuous improvement, incident, problem and change management in line with the ITIL framework, performance measurement, ensuring adherence to and subsequently reporting on KPIs and SLAs. Above all else, my role is to always strive to exceed client expectations.

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What is your favourite part of the job?
The variety, the scope, the people. No two days are the same. I love the days working from home as I get time to focus and be productive and I love the days in the office having face to face meetings and catching up with everyone, going for lunch etc. I love the client facing portion of my role.

I particularly love the ethos of Presidio and the fact that the client comes first no matter what. Our team are always encouraged to work with the best interests of the client at the forefront and internally we are constantly looking for ways to improve the service.

When you get used to working like this, being given the scope to provide the best possible service and always supported in that by your company, it would be very difficult to work any other way.

What are the most challenging aspects of your role?

The most challenging aspect is time management. The role comes with a myriad of tasks and responsibilities that demand attention simultaneously. From staying informed on the latest security threats to ensuring compliance with client service level agreements, coordinating with professional services teams on project support, to managing daily operational tasks, the breadth of duties is extensive. Additionally, there's the continuous pursuit to identify opportunities for automation and streamlining processes for our clients.

What are the skills that you have gained in your role? 
I have learned how to manage time better and how to be more productive. I’ve learned problem solving and practical skills such as how to use PowerBi and Excel to better support my work. I’ve improved on skills such as technical proficiency, client relationship management and IT service management.

What does your typical day look like?

A typical day, if I’m working from home means studying my calendar first thing and planning for any meetings that day. I check the client surveys that were filled out the previous day and follow up on anything that is needed. I check my client’s ticket board to make sure everything is under control. My OneNote is my bible. I keep a list of daily tasks, adding to them constantly from emails or meetings and always get a kick out of ticking them off when completed.

Work life balance to me means to work hard and play hard. I like to be as productive as possible at work and have as much fun as possible the rest of the time. I’m blessed with a great husband, a big family and really great friends and if I’m not on a road trip singing away with the kids, I’m having coffee or out for a night with family or friends. Life is good.

Do you have any advice to those interested in a similar role?

Most people in this role, including myself, have found themselves here through somewhat unconventional routes. There is no particular pathway through college to here. Some have started at the helpdesk, some have been engineers, some have come from a business stream. It’s a role that I didn’t even know existed during my early career. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has experience working in a technical role but wants to progress to management, particularly if they like working with people. Gaining the ITIL4 certification in conjunction with a diverse range of technical knowledge and experience will position a person well for this role.