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AppleCare for Enterprise

Coverage for every Mac, iPhone and iPad

Today more than ever customers need to respond to an increasing reliance on mobile and remote business needs.
This includes the ability to support a work-from-home strategy that doesn’t involve the staffing of an extensive repair centre.




AppleCare for Enterprise provides flexible service and support options, onsite hardware service, and next-business-day device replacement. AppleCare for Enterprise now has lower volume-based pricing tiers starting at 200, 1000, and 5000 covered devices. In addition to onsite hardware coverage, customers can choose between two service pool options covering the repair or replacement of up to 10 percent of iPad or iPhone devices, and repair for up to 4 percent of covered Mac computers — for any reason and at no additional fee.

Apple MultiProduct 2021

Apple device repair


Device Repair or Replacement

Depending on your hardware service needs, you can repair up to 4 percent of Mac computers. And you can replace up to 10 percent of iPhone and iPad devices for any reason, including accidental damage, at no additional cost.


Support for End Users

Employees get unlimited 24/7 technical support over the phone with Apple hardware, Apple-branded software, and personal accounts or settings. Having direct access to business and education AppleCare Advisors helps reduce the load on your internal help desks.


Apple Support


Apple hardware service


Global Onsite Hardware Service

With onsite hardware service, your covered devices can be serviced at your location. And you can usually arrange onsite hardware service for the following business day if it’s available in your area.

IT Department-Level Coverage

Your IT staff gets one enterprise-level incident per year automatically. But if your staff needs more support, you can get AppleCare OS Support in addition to
AppleCare for Enterprise



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