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HPE Servers & Systems

As applications continue to evolve, as part of an ongoing digital transformation, from monolithic assemblies to more agile microservice architectures, businesses and organizations are looking for the next-generation of compute to serve as the foundation for their software-defined data centers and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. As the methodologies of application development and implementation evolves, so does the demand for a more flexible, scalable and programmable compute infrastructure to compliment it. The software-defined data center provides an abstraction from the rigidity of traditional infrastructure paradigms to a more fluid, programmable data center that can seamlessly adapt to the demands of next-gen applications. In addition, as the focus of efforts to circumvent infrastructure security measures and policies begins to shift from the network perimeter, applications and operating systems to the firmware in hardware components, the need to secure and protect sensitive information, data, systems and communications have become of paramount concern to organizations of all sizes.

The fluidity of the software-defined data center, coupled with enhancements in hardware-level security measures, establishes a foundation for the next-generation Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. With these continuous innovations in compute technologies, the journey to a secure software-defined data center requires IT adaptation and adoption, making the need for a proven strategic advisor more important.


How Presidio and HPE Help

Partnering with HPE for its innovative solutions that support the software-defined data center for Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, Presidio brings experience in taking customer’s vision for the next evolution in their data center infrastructure, using a proven process of planning, design, implementation and validation. Understanding the functional business and applications requirements are just as important as proposing and sizing the appropriate solution to provide immediate and continuous value to the organization. Presidio’s expertise across multiple practice areas help organizations implement the proper HPE solutions, as a foundation for their Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.


Server Solutions

Composable Compute Infrastructure

Compute with storage and network infrastructure options, as a fluid pool of resources can be orchestrated and implemented, programmatically

  • Quickly deploy pools of compute, storage and fabric from a single interface
  • Configure infrastructure at the speed of a public Cloud to automate day-to-day operations
  • Intelligent infrastructure, easily provisioned to run any application, traditional to containers
  • With compute based on the latest HPE Gen10 hardware and iLO5, HPE customers can take advantage of the security capabilities of HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust to protect against firmware-level security vulnerabilities


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Simplified and ready-to-deploy data center infrastructure with the reliability and performance you’d expect in a traditional 3-tiered architecture. If you know your application or even if you don’t, connecting with Presidio we can help you understand if your application workloads both present and, in the future, to help insure you get the following benefits from going Hyper-Converged.

  • Software-defined compute, storage and networking in a single, easy-to-manage solution
  • Scale the SDDC, on-demand, to increase capacity and performance for both compute and storage, or individually
  • Reduce TCO and increase ROI, when replacing traditional 3-tier architectures
  • Agile deployment of hardware that get you the devops type scalability for ease of self-service management through centralized API’s and role-based access to the hosting resources.

Simplivity, Nimble dHCI, Nutanix, VMWare VSAN Ready nodes, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI


Servers and High-Performance Computing

Work with Presidio to architect server solutions to squeeze every bit of performance for every type of workload. Workloads like HPC, Database, Virtualization, VDI, Communication, Edge and Storage, all built using robust HPE Rack-mount, tower, blade, platforms. HPE offers the latest innovations from Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC as well as the latest network speeds and storage technologies like NVMe and SCM.

  • Standalone, rack-mountable servers with greater flexibility for I/O options and add-ons
  • Density-optimized servers for workload-specific application architectures
  • High-performance compute clusters to support mission-critical business applications and workloads
  • Remote management through iLO 5 for quick installation, automation, visibility and recovery of the systems remotely
  • Leverage HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust, designated as a 2019 Cyber Catalyst cybersecurity solution, to enforce the use of trusted firmware and quickly mitigate attempts to load compromised firmware as part of permanent denial-of-service (PDOS) attacks

ProLiant DL, BL, ML Series, Apollo, Edgeline, Cloudline, Moonshot

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