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HPE Enterprise Data Storage

Having to respond to the proliferation and explosion of data growth, organizations across industry verticals understand the importance of being able to effectively manage their data, with regard to capacity, as well as satisfying the performance demands of evolving applications. Even more importantly, organizations recognize the benefits and potential of being able to glean business intelligence from their diverse data sets in order to deliver services and products to their customers more efficiently and increase the effectiveness of those services in highly competitive markets. These insights are now driving organizations to adopt a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure model to support their mission-critical workloads on-premise, while providing opportunities and capabilities to leverage the same efficiency and scalability of the cloud in their private cloud infrastructure.


How Presidio and HPE Help

With a wealth of experience designing and implementing HPE Enterprise Storage solutions, Presidio helps customers to go beyond the traditional concerns of storage capacity, performance and cost. Presidio prepares customers for their next steps towards a digital transformation of their storage infrastructure to support both traditional application data sets and next generation cloud-ready data structures. With a strong partner relationship with HPE, Presidio is poised as the steward for our customer’s journey to a Hybrid Cloud storage infrastructure.


Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

All-flash and Hybrid Storage

AI-driven storage with workload visibility for demanding applications

  • Flash-optimized storage array controllers that meet the availability demands of today’s business-critical applications and compliment the high-performant capabilities of today’s solid state disks, NVME and storage-class memory
  • Intelligent storage platforms that optimize performance and place workloads appropriately to support the most demanding applications
  • Cost-effective, Hybrid storage arrays with policy-based auto-tier capabilities to respond to the performance requirements of mixed application workloads
  • All-in-one convergence of storage features for high-performance, low-latency, scalability and the flexibility of multi-protocol data access (e.g. block workloads, file and object storage).

Primera, 3PAR, Nimble, MSA, XP

File and Object Storage

Storage designed to accommodate the explosive growth of unstructured data with Cloud-like simplicity

  • Native HPE file services through StoreEasy for quick and easy file services.
  • Already have an 3PAR or looking to acquire 3PAR array we can help design 3PAR file persona to give you file access on a block array.
  • Work with a rich set of file and object storage HPE Partners that work with Presidio to craft solutions built on top of HPE servers and storage. With Presidio we work with HPE partners Qumulo, Scality and Cohesity.

StoreEasy, 3PAR File Persona, Qumulo, Scality, Cohesity

Storage Management and Automation

The next generation of storage management to simplify data-to-day operations and provide continuous business value

  • Storage embedded with HPE to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for predicting issues and potential disruptions before they occur
  • Integrated provisioning for Virtualization platforms with end-to-end visibility from the hypervisor to the hardware platform
  • Programmatically manage storage with a robust collection APIs and Software Development Kits
  • Unified management of storage volumes for physical and virtual workload domains

OneView, Primera, 3PAR

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