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Tear Down the Silos. Open Up the Possibilities.


The traditional sequencing of development and operations functions prolongs the software development lifecycle, introducing delays that can leave you trailing behind your competition. While many organizations are attracted to the DevOps promise of velocity, it’s not as simple as downloading a few tools and lo and behold you’re “DevOpsing.” Tools are important, but they are designed to align with an outcome-centric methodology devoid of traditional organizational silos. Adopting DevOps as a methodology requires as much transformation in people, processes, and policy as it does in technology.

Make no mistake, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are achievable for your organization, you just need a detailed roadmap of your journey to arrive successfully at your destination. Presidio subscribes to DevOps in our own AppDev practice, bringing practical knowledge to your DevOps transformation. Regardless of whether you’re developing applications for public consumption, end customers, internal end users, or back-end utilities, DevOps will help you achieve delivery at scale.


Presidio’s DevOps practice offers everything from DevOps on-demand consulting to full transformation services. What is driving your initiative?

  • Container adoption
  • Release automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Agile expansion

Our Approach

Automate, Accelerate, Amplify

A successful DevOps transformation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each company is different, having built out their solutions, homegrown applications, and tools in a bespoke fashion. We begin by gaining a clear understanding of your current development and operations environment as well as your definition of and goals for DevOps. Once your destination is determined, we follow our DevOptimized™ approach to eliminate the friction points that slow development and delivery.
Automate: Presidio believes in automating aggressively. We’ll identify components that can be templated and streamlined, then automate them for greater speed and accuracy.
Accelerate: We’ll help you blend development and operations to create a cohesive team that develops, secures, tests, automates, and delivers in unison.
Amplify: During your DevOps transformation we create feedback loops that continually inform the process and help us introduce improvements.

Deliver projects, features, fixes, and updates at consumer speed.

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