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From Tanzu to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC: the latest from VMworld 2019

For Presidio, a pair of product introductions stood out at VMworld 2019: VMware Tanzu will transform how enterprises build, run and manage software for Kubernetes, while VMware Cloud on Dell EMC provides a new pay-as-you-go consumption model for managed services, minimizing capital expenditures.

by Raphael Meyerowitz, Vice President, Office of the CTO - Datacenter & Workspaces, Presidio, Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019
From Tanzu to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC: the latest from VMworld 2019
From Tanzu to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC: the latest from VMworld 2019

At VMworld 2019, the largest fanfare and brightest spotlights were reserved for big announcements involving new hybrid cloud/multi-cloud capabilities. Presidio was on hand once again for the industry’s top digital infrastructure event, held August 25-29 in San Francisco. As always, there was much to see and learn throughout the five-day conference.

Presidio offered its own perspective on hybrid/multi-cloud at the VMware event during presentations by Mark Vaughn, Senior Director of Integrated Solutions, delivered at both the Intel  and AWS booths. His presentations outlined the advantages of VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as Presidio’s approach to a broad range of use-case strategies based on Intel® architecture. In addition, Vaughn was featured in this interview with VMware and Dell EMC at the event.

Although Presidio had important insights to share at VMworld, it was a valuable learning experience for us as well: VMware rolled out some major, much-talked-about developments – from the latest news about the VMware Cloud Foundation to the managed data center services of VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts. But, the announcements we were most excited about were: the introduction of VMware Tanzu, a portfolio of products and services to transform the way enterprises build software for Kubernetes, and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, a CapEx-saving consumption model for managed services.

Taken together, these new developments will start to transform how organizations build, run and manage software on Kubernetes, as well as how applications are consumed by customers.

Run Kubernetes Everywhere with VMware Tanzu.

VMware’s goal has been to run any application on any cloud – a daunting challenge in a diverse landscape of apps and public and private clouds. Organizations using Kubernetes containers in the cloud can run virtual machines now with vSphere, but using containers has not been supported. That will now change with Tanzu, allowing customers to use it as a platform for Kubernetes – pulling the OS away from the infrastructure – another step on the path to portability.

To contain this complexity, VMware Tanzu helps customers build modern applications and run a common Kubernetes framework across clouds. Tanzu covers a suite of up-and-coming products and features that will allow customers to build, run and manage modern applications on Kubernetes.

Tanzu mission control, VMware’s cross-cloud Kubernetes management console, will have a fully native Kubernetes environment within VMware vSphere. This enables customers to manage their entire footprint from a single point of control of all Kubernetes clusters and containerized apps. Running Kubernetes on vSphere will allow customers to use the vSphere platform for Kubernetes containerization – an important advantage for many companies that use the platform in the cloud.

VMware will also integrate Tanzu with other offerings such as VxRail, enabling it to run virtual machines with vSphere. In addition, VMware is acquiring software development platform Pivotal, which will allow the company to provide the most comprehensive enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based portfolio for modern applications. Presidio met with Pivotal representatives at VMworld to begin coordinating our future partnering opportunities.

Offering a true consumption model with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

Until now, an organization’s options were to buy or build their own infrastructure – both requiring a huge capital expenditure and a costly commitment to ongoing maintenance. But that’s all changing, thanks to VMware’s introduction of a true consumption model: At VMworld, VMware announced the coming availability of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC – combining the simplicity and agility of the public cloud with the control and security of an on-premises infrastructure.

Delivered as a fully managed service to data center and edge locations, this new offering is a scalable approach that frees customers to focus other operational matters. Previously known as “Project Dimension,” VMware Cloud on Dell EMC relies on VxRail:   Dell manages and refreshes the hardware while VMware provides the continually updated software. This service provides a host of customer benefits:

  • No up-front hardware or software costs, unlike a lease or purchase.
  • Productivity and security technologies are always up to date – no worries about obsolescence.
  • Customers pay only a single usage fee for what they consume.

Good news for Presidio customers: if you’re interested, we can help you gain early access to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

Presidio can prepare you for the next phase of cloud computing

What makes these two announcements especially exciting is that they both run on infrastructure supported with the latest Intel® architecture. The 2nd gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor , built for demanding applications such as in-memory analytics, AI, high-performance computing, and more. And, Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory enables large datasets to be stored, moved, and processed at unprecedented speed. In fact, one-quarter of the servers Presidio currently ships are powered by next-gen Intel® technology for data center transformation and hybrid / multi-cloud migration.

Presidio’s overall takeaway from VMworld: it’s time to embrace this exciting next evolution of cloud computing, and all the advantages it can offer our customers: data center simplicity, applications that run on any cloud, and the savings of technologies offered as managed services, not capital expenditures.

Want to learn more about VMworld 2019 and hybrid / multi-cloud computingWatch our special webcast: “VMworld 2019 Recap with Presidio and VMware.” This webcast features Mark Vaughn, Senior Director of Integrated Solutions at Presidio, and Sheng Sheen, Manager, Partner Solution Architect at VMware. Or, contact us to learn more about VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and other services.

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